Store all of your auto manufacturing parts in half the space—and have room for additional storage.

In today’s market, more auto manufacturers are consolidating and combining operations in order to keep plants operating at full capacity. So, how do you effectively store spare parts for production machinery and other items and avoid a facility expansion?

Store more parts in less space with ActivRAC mobile racking. Mobile shelving offers the opportunity to increase your efficiency by being able to quickly locate, access, and deliver items stored. And, create additional storage—even when your plant is humming at peak capacity.

Even before the consolidation there was a lot of congestion…it took much longer to find and retrieve the items we wanted. Now the we have ActivRAC, we save as much time as an hour a day—making it a much better situation for our team and the departments we serve.”

General Stores Assistant Manager, Southern Car Manufacturing Facility

Customer: Southern Car Manufacturing Facility
Install type: ActivRAC 16
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Texas


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