Video Gallery
    Exploded view of SharkCage
    Tactical Basket has internal Fork lift Pockets
    Hazmat Containers transported on 463L USAF Air Pallet
    Wheel Rack strapping points
    Four Small Sharkcages on 463L USAF Air pallet
    Eight Small SharkCages fit on M3 Crop
    Different size Sharkcages stacked inside warehouse
    Helicopter lift of SharkCage
    Large SharkCage has a 5000 lb capacity
    Small SharkCage with tan cover for Small teams on 463L USAF Air Pallet
    Air transport for SharkCage
    Large SharkCage being transported by Forklift into Storage container for Deployment
    Tactical locker for equipment storage by air transportation
    Fork truck loading Wheel Racks into storage container
    Fork Truck moving SharkCage into Container for the Container Warehouse II
    Sling loaded SharkCage for underway replenishment
    Easy access to shelves in Large SharkCage
    Wheel Rack HD on M3 CROP
    Wheel Rack HD stacked for vehicle maintenance operations
    Wheel Rack HD - SharkCage
    Wheel Rack HD showing two different sizes using the wheel rack extender
    Tires stored in Wheel Rack HD
    Optional extenders availabe for Wheel Rack SharkCage
    Two Wheel Racks are stored stacked inside a 20 foot container
    Wheel Rack demo of loading of tires