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    Historic St. Mary
    The museum
    Because the collection is accessed daily, St. Mary
    Spacesaver engineers designed extra-large drawers and cabinets to accommodate large artifacts
    Oversized collections like furniture, wooden paddles, and rare led coffin lids on Spacesaver mobile shelves
    Excavated objects stored in drawers in museum cabinet mounted onto wheels
    Cabinets fitted with wheels to keep artifacts organized and protected during transit
    Natural history specimens that can be used for identification purposes are also stored in the room
    The museum
    Heavy-duty shelves and museum cabinets fitted onto compactors
    Oversized museum storage in flat storage drawers
    Boxed paper records for historical teaching museum on powered compactors
    Archival storage at a teaching museum in Maryland
    Historic St. Mary
    St. Mary
    Cannabis farming on a strong reliable spacesaver ActivRAC.jpg
    Aisles are wide enough to allow multiple employees to work on both sides of the rows.jpg
    This facility grows taller strains on the bottom rows and smaller strains on the upper level.jpg
    Staff use mechanical assist handles to open aisles wherever they
    Cannabis farming at an indoor grow facility.jpg
    Cannabis farming with mechanical assist system.jpg
    ActivRAC system optimizes space at cannabis grow facility.jpg
    Easy access to cannabis.jpg
    Cannabis farming facility .jpg
    ActivRAC provides more cannabis and more aisle space to tend to the plants.jpg