Spacesaver offers a comprehensive library of BIM objects for Revit Architecture.

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Mobile Shelving

Mobile with Cantilever or 4-Post Shelving

By offering dynamic access to stored material (often more than doubling capacity), High Density Mobile Storage puts more storage in any footprint. It is perfect for storing a lot of… well, almost anything. And with options for powered, mechanical assist, or manual movement you can strike the right balance for access and usability.

FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker Product Page

FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

Freestyle personal storage lockers can be configured and customized to accommodate for each individuals personal storage needs. Each personal storage locker offers a wide range of options to securely store equipment, uniforms, weapons, electronics and even separately locked sections for personal items.

Universal Weapon Rack UWR

Universal Weapons Rack – UWR

The UWR weapons rack storage system is ready to securely store a variety of weapons from rifles to side arms, gear bags to optics, all utilizing the same cabinet frame. This ability to store multiple weapons in one system, and do so without the need to disassemble or zero the weapon is a huge boost to your operational and combat readiness.

4-post and case type shelving Product Section

4-Post and Case-Type Shelving

Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, Spacesaver’s 4-Post Shelving System offer you a comprehensive choice of options. To enhance their functional utility, individual shelving  units can be equipped with lockable doors, storage and file drawers, bins and pull-out reference shelves. Spacesaver’s Double-Wall Case-Type Shelving Systems can be used in a wide variety of storage and general filing applications. An economical storage alternative. Constructed with unit-welded, double-wall uprights that extend into the shelf area, preventing stored materials from slipping behind the upright post.

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Cantilever Library Shelving

Cantilever shelving offers a flexible shelving solution perfect for book stacks in libraries. Spacesaver’s cantilever shelving systems are engineered for stability, strength and rugged functionality.

Evidence Lockers Product Page

Evidence Lockers

Spacesaver’s evidence lockers are specifically designed to provide an extremely secure chain of custody during the critical short-term evidence storage period, which is the period of time when evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected, until it’s properly logged and stored in the evidence and property room.