We understand the challenges architects and designers face when planning multiple projects across multiple markets. Below are the downloadable resources we have created for you to use in your design process. Here you will find color charts, finish information, technical specifications and more.

Brochure: Corporate Sustainability

Spacesaver creates products that inspire smarter, more responsible uses of space. But sustainability encompasses more than just creating quality products. It is a commitment to protect and give back to our local and global community through environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and corporate stewardship. At Spacesaver Corporation we respect the environment and strive to preserve the availability of natural resources for future
generations. We don’t just create space-saving solutions; we create space to breathe.

Brochure: Floor Loading Considerations | High-Density Mobile Storage

20-page Floor Loading Considerations brochure.

Most Architects and Structural Engineers are aware of Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems. Spacesaver systems are universally recognized by all sectors of users desiring the advantages of functional utility, higher storage density, cost savings and space conservation.

Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems offer Planners a broad selection of system configurations in standard sizes, while Spacesaver’s unique flexibility allows customization for specific applications. Spacesaver can provide choices of standardized systems and data to accommodate special conditions for existing buildings and new construction.

For all existing buildings, Spacesaver recommends that a Structural Engineer be commissioned to analyze the building's structural system and ensure it can safely support code-imposed gravity loads and, if required, seismic loads. A Structural Engineer can analyze existing structures and, if necessary, provide details on structural retrofitting. For new construction, a Structural Engineer can help select efficient structural framing details for supporting Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems. For a recommendation of an independent Structural Engineer, contact your Spacesaver Area Contractor.

This guidebook has been prepared as an introduction to floor loading, when considering Spacesaver high-density mobile storage systems. Spacesaver Engineering Staff and Spacesaver Area Contractors will be pleased to discuss any questions you might have on floor loading or structural retrofitting.

Design Guide: High-Density Mobile Storage Systems

Double the capacity of existing space. . .or save half the space. Spacesaver systems give you 100% greater storage capacity or a 50% reduction in floor space. How? The need for fixed aisles is eliminated. You simply push a button or turn a handle to open an aisle where you want it.

Brochure: Spacesaver Product Color Chart

Spacesaver Powder Coat Paint Color chart for Mobile, Shelving, Doors & Drawers, Lockers, Gun Boxes, and Weapons Rack.

Brochure: Low Pressure Laminate Finishes

Spacesaver is pleased to offer 16 color/pattern selections of quality low pressure laminate product for use as face panels, back panels and tops on mobile and stationary shelving units. Thermofused melamine low pressure face and back panels provide a multipurpose, economical and decorative finish.

Brochure: ADA Accessibility Compliance

High-density mobile storage systems can provide people with physical disabilities access to materials and files in a way that complies with not only the letter, but also with the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). What’s more, it can do it in less space than conventional storage systems.