Rethink Movable Walls

Movable walls let anyone create custom workspaces on the fly.

These aren’t demountable walls or folding partitions — they’re truly mobile walls that can be easily moved by hand. They slide along rails, so spaces can be reconfigured without installation crews or tools.

We’re excited about this fresh approach to flexible office design and we’d love to hear your thoughts. For a limited time, we’re offering a $5 Amazon gift card to the first 25 architects and designers who participate in a 10-minute phone conversation with us.

movable wall open office floorplan

Movable Wall Concept

movable wall flexible office layout

What if your walls could move on demand?

  • Create right-sized rooms on the fly
  • Use only the space you need
  • Allow teams to control their space

What if your walls could:

  • Serve coffee
  • Become a table or desk
  • Provide seating
  • Store and display products

What if we helped transform your space?

  • Dynamic environments
  • Improved productivity and engagement
  • Better space utilization

What are we missing?

Join the Conversation

We’ve seen that movable walls with practical features can help build better, more flexible office spaces and other work environments.

We’re investigating new ways to use mobile walls and we’d appreciate your insights.

I’d love to chat through more of these concepts and ideas with you and gather your feedback. As a token of our appreciation, I’m offering a $5 Amazon gift card to the first 25 architects and designers who participate in a brief 10-minute conversation with me.

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Kate Winkler

Architecture & Design Specialist