Thermoplastic-coated shelving

 In Military Storage

Thermoplastic-coated shelves protect delicate metal parts

As technology changes, so do storage needs, and that’s particularly true in the military. When USAF personnel needed to store new actuator componentry and other parts and components for the next generation F-35 aircraft at their base, they turned to the local Spacesaver consultant for a compact solution that would accommodate their changing storage requirements.

Thermoplastic paint on extra-wide shelving

The Spacesaver consultant drew up a plan that would repurpose the base’s existing high-density rails and carriages, as well as the shelving uprights, from three different areas and consolidate them in one room. Because some of the items to be stored were quite large, the consultant recommended ordering Spacesaver’s new 72”-wide 4-Post shelving, which can accommodate items up to about 70 inches wide.

They also needed to figure out a way to cover or coat the new shelving to prevent metal-on-metal contact between the parts and the shelving. To meet that requirement, the Spacesaver consultant devised another creative solution: he asked Spacesaver to coat the shelving with the thermoplastic paint that’s used on barrel supports and other Universal Weapons Rack® accessories.

The thermoplastic paint is durable and helps prevent damage to stored items that could be caused by metal-on-metal content, and it also dissipates static electricity, helping create a safer working and storage environment.

The result is a system that not only met all the base’s requirements, but that also achieved significant savings over purchasing an entirely new high-density storage system.

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