The Benefits of Mobile Shelving for Auto Parts Storage

The Benefits of Mobile Shelving for Auto Parts Storage

For many automotive dealerships, the service and parts department is a steady source of income and is continuously seeking to improve their process of services. According to NADA, 60% of net profits come from their parts and service departments, which make it easy to understand the benefits of improvement. Investing in the organization and efficiency of your services department cannot only keep your profitability up but also your customer satisfaction. One easy way to optimize that goes beyond the monetary gain is to invest in proper storage systems.

There are many different types of storage systems that dealerships typically use, including static shelving or racking, high-density modular shelving or even automated storage and retrieval systems.  However, one storage solution that is often unheard of in dealerships, yet very efficient—is mobile storage.  The use of mobilized storage is quite common in other markets including education (libraries), museums as well as general businesses and has been around for many decades.  Yet, mobile storage for the auto industry is a rather recent idea.

Auto Parts Storage at Dave Kehl Chevrolet in Ohio Auto parts and tools stored on the ActivRAC 7M mobile storage system at Dave Kehl Chevrolet, Ohio

How does mobile storage work? 

With mobilized storage, otherwise stationary (or fixed) rows of shelving or racking are mounted on carriages and mobilized. The carriages travel on industrial-grade wheels mated to a rail system which is anchored to the floor.  By moving side to side, the system is able to “compress” (or compact) the stored materials into a much smaller footprint when compared to a stationary system–yet provide 100 percent access whenever needed.  Each system can be configured to match the dimensions of stored materials or given footprint.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of mobile shelving for auto parts storage: 

1. Smarter storage for slow-moving parts.  Since access to those parts aren’t needed as often, having compacted shelves saves wasted aisle space and allows more room for faster-moving items.

2. Greater storage capacity.  By compacting your shelving, you can double or sometimes even triple your parts storage capacity in the same footprint!

3. Convenience.  Mobile storage uses your existing shelving and racking.

4. Quick access to parts.  With an effortless three-spoke rotating handle or powered control, moving the shelves to quickly access a needed part is done in a snap!

5. You can store just about anything–from small parts such as washers and screws to large bulky items such as batteries and tires.  And since the system accommodates up to 30,000 lbs. per carriage, weight concerns are typically not a problem.

6. Having an organized and smooth-operating parts department means more time for vehicle maintenance and customer service.

Having an organized and efficient service and parts department is critical for supporting you service employees and maintaining a high standard for customer satisfaction. Not only does it lower costs for warehouse and facility space but also the appropriate storage system can create a more pleasant work and customer experience within your business.

Tire storage system at auto dealership

Mobilized tire storage racks at Vancouver, British Columbia auto dealership.

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