Campus Police Gear Storage

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Get secure police gear storage that’s right for your space and your budget

We know that keeping the campus community safe is your top priority, and that’s why we offer storage solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget. Officers don’t have time to dig for gear and equipment: when you’re needed, you’re needed now. Having the equipment you need easily accessible can literally be a lifesaver. Download the info sheet for complete details.

campus security evidence locker

Evidence Storage

  • Narcotics Evidence Lockers
  • Weapons Evidence Lockers
  • Fast Response Lockers

Personal Storage Lockers

  • Interior electrical options
  • Venting & drying capabilities
  • Customizable configurations

campus security locker room

campus security tactical gear storage

Tactical & Crowd Control Gear

  • Custom cubbies or lockers
  • Protect expensive gear
  • Compact storage for bulky items

Download the info sheet for details or learn more about campus storage solutions.

Get the Details

download campus police info sheet

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