5 Ways to Improve Military Gear Storage on Base

5 Ways to Improve Military Gear Storage on Base

Increase Readiness. Reduce Footprint. Prevent Property Loss.

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If your government purchase card limit has recently been increased, this is the perfect time to take control of unorganized areas on base.

Does your unit have a “black hole?” That’s an area in a warehouse, in a CIF, in a tool room, or anywhere that gear tends to pile up. We see it all the time. A few bulk supplies get stacked in a corner, or gear that’s too big for lockers is crammed onto storeroom shelves, and pretty soon stuff gets lost and inventory becomes a nightmare. Worst of all, you’re wasting time looking for gear and sometimes even wasting money on things you already have, if only you could find them.

If your unit’s equipment and supplies aren’t ready and secure, neither is your unit. Ready, secure military gear storage is your first step in supporting your troops and their missions.

That’s where Spacesaver comes in. We specialize in designing military storage solutions that optimize workflows and fit in seamlessly with your space. That means more time for training and increased readiness.

We can get you the solutions you need to:

  • Get Organized
  • Increase Readiness
  • Save Space
  • Prevent Property Loss
  • Save Time

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Spend more time training and less time looking for gear.

Your nearby Spacesaver consultants can assess problem areas and show you quick-turn options for getting organized. Here are just five ways we can help.

1. Organize weapons

Ensure readiness by securing military weapons on base, during transport, and in theater.

military weapon rack

Universal™ Weapon Rack (UWR)
With sturdy steel construction and fully retractable doors, the UWR keeps weapons organized and at the ready.

military weapon repair bench storage

Weapons Maintenance / Repair Bench
Design a custom weapons workbench with steel pegboard and convenient accessories.

military weapon cart portable storage

Weapons Cart
Transport weapons securely with UWRs on wheels.

weapon secure shipping container storage

Weapons Tricon
Consolidate weapons in standard-size Tricon containers to save space and save time during deployment.

2. Save Space in CIFs and Warehouses

Has an influx of COVID-related supplies and equipment left you scrambling for better CIF storage and more warehouse storage? We can help double your storage capacity in the same footprint while keeping everything organized and accessible.

military warehouse mobile racking storage system

High-Density Storage Systems
Eliminate wasted aisle space by mounting shelving or racking on “carriages” that move.

military ppe steel shelving storage

Steel Shelving
Spacesaver’s 4-Post and case-type shelving accommodates a variety of accessories, including secure doors, to keep bulk PPE and other items organized and secure.

3. Organize Military Tool Rooms

Keep expensive tools organized and at the ready, right where they’re needed.

military counter height storage work tables

Tool Room storage with counter-height work table.

military maintenance tool room storage system

Tool Room for maintaining CH-53 Helicopters.

4. Stack UTVs in Storage and During Transport

Spacesaver’s Mobility Crate provides secure and ready storage for utility terrain vehicles (UTV).

  • Stackable
  • Collapsible
  • Provides Full Access During Storage

5. Secure Personal and Issued Gear

Prevent property loss by keeping gear secure, organized, and at the ready with sturdy lockers and accessories.

military tactical gear lockers

Tactical Readiness Lockers
Choose the size that’s right for your gear, and then add or move units as your needs change.

military personal gear lockers

Personal Storage Lockers
The gold standard for military and public safety facilities, the FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate issued gear.

Got funds? Get organized

Use EOY funds to get organized with efficient, versatile storage systems for military gear, weapons, supplies, and equipment. Your nearby Spacesaver consultant can visit your facility, analyze your storage needs and your workflow, and draw up plans for making the most efficient use of your space.

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