Military SCUBA Storage

Military SCUBA Storage

Reducing Footprint & Improving Readiness

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The Challenge

Keeping SCUBA Gear Organized

During military operations and exercises, lives depend on SCUBA gear being clean, organized, and in good working condition. The systems are complex and a malfunctioning or missing part could lead to tragedy.

When instructors at this military dive school in Florida saw a Spacesaver parachute rack elsewhere on the base, they thought it would provide an excellent storage solution for weighted vests, regulators, and other gear.

The Solution

Storage Racks for Military SCUBA Gear

With a sturdy steel frame and cantilever “arms” that can bear up to 90 pounds each, these racks offer a flexible storage solution that optimizes space. The arms can be positioned anywhere on the frame and repositioned when needs change.

The racks can be mounted on casters for mobility, or they can be set directly on the floor. They can even be mounted on compact mobile storage systems to save more floor space.

The Result

Improved Readiness, Decreased Footprint

Now the dive school has a central location to store SCUBA gear, which helps streamline inventory processes and ensure that all components are in good working order.

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