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Sometimes a customer comes to us with a problem that can’t be fixed with one of our basic products. That’s when we call on our team at Spacesaver Group to create an engineered to order (ETO) product that provides a custom storage solution.

Healthcare regulations and standard practices are important to ensure the safety of patients and their private information. In Orlando, Florida, a VA Healthcare department needed “something” that would allow them to prepare patient charts and files days before needing them. However, in accordance to HIPAA regulations, all of the patient’s material would need to be locked in a secure space until they were being used.

Along with the security requirements, there was also a space constraint for where it would be used within their offices. All of the files, charts and records that are kept on hand are a standard 36”W and it storage compartment couldn’t be higher than 5 ft. because for better usability. Plus, the employees asked that it have a writing surface to write or make notes on files and records when needed.

Custom storage solutions for healthcare department.

Custom storage solutions for healthcare department.

The solution? Working with Spacesaver and Patterson Pope, the final product was a custom legal file cart. Spacesaver cantilever shelving with dividers was fixed on a mobile cart, which included laminate sides and tops and encased with secure Rollock doors.

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