Evidence Lockers Add Optimum Security For Skokie PD

Evidence Lockers Add Optimum Security for Skokie PD

Skokie Police Department has always had high-standards when it comes to facility security and efficient storage space. However in 2010, they realized that the 27,000-square-foot-facility was no longer enough space to support their police force. Renovation began with a design by SRBL Architects of Deerfield, IL, in an effort to support the department’s goals of efficiency and promote environmental responsibility.

One of the most time-sensitive and secure areas that Skokie officers wanted to focus on for their new space was long and short-term evidence. Property and evidence storage was a major priority when designing the new facility. Spacesaver’s DSM pass-through evidence storage lockers were engineered to improve and secure the chain of custody. For short-term evidence storage the evidence lockers were built in to the wall that separates the evidence drop-off area from the property and evidence room. With the evidence lockers each piece of evidence that comes in can be stored separately until it can be properly cataloged. It also provides a secure holding space for evidence that may need to be held for trial or to be transferred to other facilities.

For long-term evidence storage, it was a significant concern that they have enough space for now and in the future. In the past, Skokie’s long-term evidence storage was cramped and running out of space. By utilizing a mobile storage system in the new property and evidence room, it eliminated wasted space and allowed for optimal efficiency. Another mechanical-assist mobile system was added for records storage to make the best use of available space and improve organization.

“Not only am I extremely satisfied, I’m impressed with the storage solution, but it gets back to our ability to provide a quality level of service. It’s what we’re here for.” – Skokie Police Chief Silverberg

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