‘Room within a room’ for secure evidence storage

‘Room within a room’ for Secure Evidence Storage

FileLoc® can be added to existing mobile shelving units to create a “room within a room” for storing sensitive materials like confidential files, valuables, and drug and weapons evidence.

FileLoc® is an excellent option for government agencies, businesses, and law enforcement facilities that need to create an additional layer of security for certain items but lack space or funding to set aside an entire room for the purpose.

weapons evidence storage, drug evidence storage, confidential file storage

weapons evidence storage, drug evidence storage, confidential file storage

FileLoc® has two major components:

  • Hinged steel endpanel assembly and covered padlock hasp that installs across aisles from endpanel to endpanel
  • Steel screen top designed to offer complete coverage when aisle is closed, while still meeting fire codes

The device can be added to existing mobile storage units or installed on new ones. Full-height back panels on either side of adjacent carriages can be specified to maximize storage capacity. Best-fit applications inside the unit — including shelves, drawers, shelf dividers, modular bins, and other accessories — create a system that allows for easy storage, retrieval, and inventory.

FileLoc® secures the unit’s contents, creating a secure “room” that is fully configurable and customizable and that allows for optimal organization as the facility’s needs change over time. This solution creates an added layer of security for valuable evidence storage, confidential materials, and other sensitive items without requiring expensive construction or renovation projects.

Features and benefits:

  • Fully secured aisle (front and overhead)
  • Easily installed on existing Spacesaver high-density mobile systems
  • Steel screen has 64% opening to meet fire codes and allow sufficient fire suppression entry
  • Durable, all-steel construction
  • Covered padlock hasp
  • Finished with powder coat paint

Secure storage for confidential files and evidence

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