Beyond Game Day: What’s Inside the Football Equipment Room?

Beyond Game Day

What’s inside the football equipment room?

Before the tailgates and marching band fight songs, before the cheering crowds on crisp fall Saturdays, before the first snap and the sound of shoulder pads colliding, there is a group of people who have been hard at work behind the scenes all year – the equipment managers.

For college football programs, the equipment room is more than just a glorified storage room. It’s the place where gear is repaired for maximum player safety, where uniforms and helmets are cleaned and mended to game day perfection, and can even help seal the deal for potential recruits. However, football equipment storage has some less-tangible benefits as well – team apparel is a huge source of pride and confidence for players.

So what’s actually stored in these magical equipment rooms? Picture a huge walk-in closet full of  uniforms, shoes, and equipment; in short – a LOT of gear. For each player, a larger NCAA football program typically orders, organizes, stores, distributes, and washes:

  • 2-3 practice jerseys
  • Practice shorts
  • Practice pants
  • Practice helmets
  • Cold weather gear
  • Shoulder pads and girdles
  • 8 pairs of practice gloves
  • Dry fit shirts
  • Walk-through shorts and shirt
  • Walk-through warmup suits
  • Travel shirts and travel warmup suits
  • Innumerable pairs of socks
  • 3 or more game day jerseys
  • 3 or more pairs of game day pants
  • Game day helmets, pads, and cleats
  • Hats, beanie, skullcap, and sweatbands
  • Travel shoes, workout shoes, and 2 pairs of practice cleats
  • Special championship or bowl game gear

Multiply that list by 80-100 players, add a busy practice and game schedule, and you’ve got one major organization and storage challenge on your hands. On top of all that gear, the equipment room also usually houses 60-pound washers and dryers to keep all those uniforms clean, prep areas to repair and clean equipment, and all the small pieces and decals needed to keep everything in top condition. New shipments of clothing and gear are constantly being moved on and off the shelves and between locker rooms, creating ample opportunity for items to get lost and messy.

In the fast-paced world of college football, each player’s gear has to be in place and ready at specific times – whether that’s a practice, a lift, an away game, or a walk-through. Keeping track of that many details every day requires an efficient and organized football equipment storage solution.

Compact mobile storage has helped dozens of college football teams get ready for the upcoming season – and all that comes before the season even begins. By mounting shelving on rails and eliminating static aisles, mobile storage creates space for additional activities like laundry, cleaning, and repair. Teams often designate specific aisles for stacks of shoe boxes, folded shirts, and helmet cubbies or create a shelf for each individual player’s gear. This system keeps all items organized and accounted for while maintaining fast access to any items needed. When the aisles aren’t in use, the mobile equipment shelves slide together for a sleek look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the equipment room – an important element for recruiting tours and for team pride.

We’ve helped create smarter football equipment storage for teams all over the country – from Alabama to Baylor to Oregon to Ohio State and more. Take a peek inside the legendary football equipment room at Notre Dame by downloading the case study.