Safe, convenient hospitality storage

Safe, Convenient Hospitality Storage

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Spacesaver helps a resort / casino store tables, chafing dishes, and other banquet items safely and efficiently.

Like many general managers, Sam Askew of Tulalip Resort Casino originally thought the property’s shelving and racking had to remain stationary (had to stay in one place) because that’s all he’d ever seen. But he had used Spacesaver compact filing systems at a prior employer, and he wondered if the concept of moving shelving could be applied to heavier items like tables, tableware, and boxes of cleaning solutions. When his architect showed him a video of the ActivRAC® system in use, he instantly knew it was the perfect solution for the resort’s banquet storage areas.

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He knew that the aisles between the property’s pallet racks were empty most of the time. He also knew he could put that empty space to good use. By installing the property’s existing shelving units and pallet racking on carriages that move along rails installed in the floor, a compact storage system could be created that would eliminate wasted space in the aisles. The staff could easily open dynamic aisles at the point of need, making retrieval fast and efficient.

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You can also download the four-page booklet, “8 tips for back-of-house storage,” by Sam Askew by clicking the image below:

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