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Achieve Accreditation.

Hear from an accredited police department and see the processes and layout they used to achieve a secure chain of custody. We’ve helped many police departments turn their inadequate spaces and evidence management processes into models for CALEA, state, and IAPE accreditation. Our storage consultants are familiar with industry best practices and trends and can help you understand solutions for storing weapons, drugs, valuables, biological evidence, and even bulky items like bumpers and mattresses.

Secure Your Evidence Deposit.

Many evidence lockers on the market today look similar from a distance – so how do you know which will keep your evidence and chain of custody most secure? Our guide helps you spot the features that you might overlook, and explains their importance in protecting your department.

Plan for a Shared Public Safety Facility.

In order to save space and money, more and more public safety agencies are opting to share facilities and resources with other agencies in their area.

See if a shared facility or joint services project is right for your agency, see how other municipalities have done it, and learn the first steps toward making it a reality for your department.

Optimize Your Evidence Storage Space (Even if You’re Waiting for Funding).

It’s an issue faced by almost every agency at some point: your facility urgently needs updates and additional evidence storage space, but the budget for a new facility is still 5-10 years away—or longer. Even if you’re still waiting on funding for your new facility, there are affordable updates you can make to optimize your space in the meantime.

Simple changes like shelving optimized for the size of your evidence containers and storage room can help increase the capacity of your space to keep your chain of custody secure until funding is secured.

Renovate or Build a New Public Safety Facility.

The opportunity to build a new public safety facility or do a major renovation on your existing building only comes around once in a great while. You want to be sure that you’re taking advantage of the chance to design a purpose-built facility that meets your current and future needs.

Even if you have no experience designing facilities, we’ll help you through every step of the planning and installation process. Our public safety storage consultants have helped design storage solutions for thousands of law enforcement facilities and will work to solve your challenges and identify other considerations you may not have thought of.

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