The Difference of a Spacesaver Locker

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Looks can be deceiving.

Most evidence lockers on the market look the same from a distance. But if you know what to look for, you’ll see what you’re really sacrificing in security and convenience when you choose a cheap alternative. See the difference that a Spacesaver evidence locker makes below.

Also Consider:
Optional Mesh Back Door

Optional mesh rear door allows air to circulate through evidence lockers, helping to diffuse any odor from secured evidence— preventing the evidence tech from being exposed to overwhelming odors when opening the rear door to retrieve evidence.

Installers and Local Service

You can rest assured that your lockers will be installed correctly by professional and knowledgeable Spacesaver-certified installers. Our nationwide network of distributors means you have fast, local service over the lifetime of the lockers.


We stand behind our products. Our 5-year warranty provides peace of mind.

Protect your chain of custody with our secure evidence storage lockers. Explore your locker options, as well as long-term evidence solutions with this brochure.


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