New Museum-focused AIA Presentation Now Available

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New AIA Presentation: Museum Collections Storage Space Planning

Sign up for Museum Collections Space Planning: Designing Safe, Efficient, & Engaging Spaces, Spacesaver’s newest AIA presentation. The presentation includes:

  • An in-depth look at the trends and challenges affecting modern museums and those who work in museum environments.
  • Identification of major storage concerns within museum collections storage areas, as well as museum workspace and workflow issues.
  • Tips for protecting museum collections and mitigating deterioration risks through thoughtful design and proper planning.
  • Discussion of the design challenges and opportunities presented by making collections storage and work areas visible to the public.

Sign up and a local Spacesaver storage expert will be in touch with you to plan an on-site presentation that fits your schedule. This course is approved by the AIA for one CEU credit.

Don’t have time for an AIA presentation? Take a look at the additional tools—Agents of Deterioration and Planning Considerations for Cold Storage in Museums—we’ve created to take the guesswork out of your upcoming projects.