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Our Story

the “levItating” system was born

The idea for LEVPRO was born when a farm in rural Nebraska was looking for a storage solution for their shop. Every type of shelving they tried seemed to add to the clutter and take up much needed wall space, and traditional mobile shelving required floor rails, which wasn’t ideal for their workspace and needs. While standing under the pallet racking in the shop, they realized that they could maintain the storage above and utilize the room below the racking by creating a mobile aisle. They suspected the idea had applications way beyond the farm, and they were right.

Because Spacesaver is always exploring ways to better serve different customer needs and evolve our solutions, it made a lot of sense for us to add LEVPRO to our product line. With over forty years of experience designing over 300,000 storage solutions for industries ranging from healthcare to education to public safety and beyond, our manufacturing and market expertise seemed like a perfect match for the new storage solution.

Not just shelves, but solutions

For over 40 years, Spacesaver has been doing more than just manufacturing shelves and lockers. It’s about more than simply preserving or increasing storage space. It’s about giving people and businesses the tools they need to do their jobs in a way that makes them safer, more efficient, more organized – and ultimately, allowing our customers to focus on achieving their mission more effectively. In fact, our greatest innovations often come from our customers’ toughest challenges.

Beyond our LEVPRO product line, we also offer lockers, shelving, high-density mobile storage, weapons storage, and more. Along with our nationwide network of distributors, we’ve installed over 300,000 solutions for customers in almost every field imaginable:

Partnering from start to finish

Our experienced team is here to help throughout every step of the process. Whether you buy online or are looking for a custom solution, we’re here to assist with questions and design services along the way.

Although we offer our most popular kitted options for online purchase, we can also help if you are looking for something else or need help figuring out exactly what you need. Our network of local distributors can assist with free onsite space assessments, planning and design, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Spacesaver Cares

We love giving back to schools. Read more about our initiatives.

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