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LevPro Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight will the shelves hold?

Each shelf can bear up to 150 pounds. Each shelving section can bear up to 600 pounds.

How do I know which size system to order for my space?

Make sure to measure the footprint of your planned storage space and consider the size and quantity of the items you want to store. If you have any questions please send us a message or give us call. Our support team has stored it all and we can help identify the right size for your needs.

How do I know if my floor can take the weight of this system?

If you are already using the space for storage, our system is most likely compatible. We advise you to check on your building materials, local code, or other requirements to make sure. The system will need to be anchored to the floor for safety so remember to consider that when evaluating your floor.

What are the outside dimensions?

Just add 6” to the width of any of our kits to cover for outside dimensions. The kits’ outside dimensions are as follows:




What are the inside dimensions of the shelving space?

For LEVPRO 8x7x3: 34″x15”
For LEVPRO 8x7x4 and 8x8x4: 46″x18”
For LEVPRO 10x7x3 and 12x7x3: 34″x18”
For LEVPRO 10x7x4, 10x8x4, 12x7x4, and 12x8x4: 46″x18”

What is the size of the shipped kit?

For LEVPRO 8x7x3: 52”x36”x102”
For LEVPRO 8x7x4 and 8x8x4: 64”x36”x102”
For LEVPRO 10x7x3: 52”x36”x126”
For LEVPRO 10x7x4 and 10x8x4: 64”x36”x126”
For LEVPRO 12x7x3: 52”x36”x150”
For LEVPRO 12x7x4 and 12x8x4: 64”x36”x150”

Is it possible to install in a walk in freezer?

With a wheel rating of -30℉, LEVPRO systems can operate in freezing temperatures, including food storage applications.

What is the size of the moveable aisle space?

LEVPRO 8: 27”
LEVPRO 10: 26”
LEVPRO 12: 32”

What colors are offered?

The kits are currently offered in black pallet racking and lowes grey for uprights and shelving. Custom colors are available; please contact us for a custom quote.

Can I order additional shelves?

Additional shelves are available. Please request a quote to add more shelves for your kit.

I’d like steel dividers, back panels, etc. to keep things organized. How can I order accessories?

All Spacesaver standard 4-Post shelving accessories are compatible with the LEVPRO system. Request a quote for custom configurations and a complete list of our accessories. Our standard shelving accessories include: label holder, modular mounting rail, wire dividers, file dividers, backstop, acrylic bin front, hanger rail, back panel, bin dividers, or double-face through shelf with conterstop.

Are there safety locking mechanisms?

At this time there are no locking mechanisms to stop someone from moving the shelving sections, but our engineering team can develop solutions for any need. Contact us to explain your situation.

What’s the installation process like?

There is some assembly required but the process simply involves screwing and bolting parts together. You can download the full instructions and watch a quick timelapse of three people assembling a unit to see how easy it is.

What tools will I need?

The following tools are recommended. These tools are not included in the kit.

  • Tape Measure
  • 6’ Step Ladder
  • 4’ or 6’ Level
  • Anchors for Pallet Rack
  • Ratchet with 7/16, 3/4 and 9/16 Socket
  • Torque Wrench
  • 9/16 Combination Wrench
  • Dead Blow Hammer
  • Cordless Drill with Philips Tip Driver

You can download the complete Installation Instructions here.

How long will it take?

It takes roughly 4 hours to install.

How many helpers will I need?

We recommended having two people to install the system for safety and ease of assembly.

I’d like to attach a new LEVPRO kit to the one I already have. Do you have adder kits?

We do not have standard adder options to our current kits. We do have options with custom orders. Please contact us any out-of-the-box requests.

Do I need to maintain the system?

There is no maintenance required.

Return Policy

The following process must be followed prior to returning any product to receive credit or refund:


Return requests must be approved in advance.

Requests for returning goods must be submitted within 45 days of original shipment.

Return requests must have the original order as reference and other required information.

For Return Inquiry, contact Spacesaver at returns@spacesaver.com or 1800-255-8170


The customer must have written authorization from Spacesaver prior to any return in the form of Return Goods.

All product return requests will be reviewed by Spacesaver and if approved, a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) will be assigned and emailed to you.

Approved requests for returns must be returned within 30 days of the approval date.

If items are not approved for return, the customer may contact Spacesaver for
reconsideration or an explanation at returns@spacesaver.com or 1800-255-8170.

Authorized returns must be packaged properly and include a copy of the Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form. Products not packed properly will not be approved for credit or refund.

Returns are to be shipped with freight prepaid by the customer. The customer will file any claims with shipping carriers for any lost or damaged product during transit.

Each Package must be marked with the approved RGA Number.

Returns are to be addressed to:

Spacesaver Corporation
1700 Janesville Avenue
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-2798

All returns are subject to any reconditioning charges determined necessary by Spacesaver upon inspection of the returned goods.

No credit or refund will be given for items returned that were not included on the RGA form originally submitted.

How can I order replacement parts?

Please contact us for any replacement part needs.

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