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Maximizing storage capacity while protecting athletic equipment.

It can be challenging to find an organized, compact way to store bulky athletic equipment for PE classes, high school football, and other school athletics – especially when you’re on a K-12 budget. That’s why we created LEVPRO.

K12 Gym Equipment Before Compact Shelving Solution K12 Gym Equipment Before Compact Shelving Solution

This School Doubled Its Storage

Staff at this elementary school used LEVPRO to consolidate and organize their PE class storage. They went from storing balls, scooters, golf clubs, and other gym class equipment in several different storage areas to being able to store everything in one room. The system only took a few hours to install and they are thrilled with how well it’s working.

Get Custom Shelving Accessories for Better Organization

No matter the sport, no matter the size! Find the perfect configuration to optimize your PE/gym class storage areas. We help store scooters, tubs, first aid, and other athletic equipment in a way that saves space, saves time, and promotes cleanliness and organization. Contact Spacesaver today for a FREE equipment room analysis and quote.

Gym Equipment Storage

Adjustable shelves form the basis of any effective athletic equipment storage system.

P.E. Class Ball Storage

Bin fronts for ball storage. Other items fit on upper shelves.

Football Equipment Storage

Shelves can be configured for helmets, shoulder pads, and other high school football equipment storage.

Basketball Equipment Storage

Bin dividers store uniforms and equipment. Plexiglass fronts with bungee access provide ball storage.

Hockey Equipment Storage

Custom L Bracket divider for hockey stick storage with wide-span shelving and bin dividers.

Baseball/Softball Equipment Storage

Custom compact bat rack with ample space for a uniform hanging rod, helmet, and ball storage.

Golf Equipment Storage

Adjustable L divider for golf bag storage and organization.

Tennis Equipment Storage

Custom tennis racket divider and compact basket storage.

K12 Gym Equipment Compact Storage Organizer Solution

How it Works

LEVPRO’s shelving compacts together with an overhead trolley system track. This sports equipment storage system increases capacity within the same footprint, without a major construction project.

LEVPRO’s design and steel construction make it durable for years of use, while the reconfigurability makes it easy to add onto and relocate.


Even if your gym class storage area is organized, you’ll find that LEVPRO dramatically increases accessibility to stored items and the amount of usable space. See why LEVPRO is superior to other sports equipment storage systems.

Benefits of a LEVPRO System - Customizable

Organize Equipment

Keep sports gear organized & damage-free with a variety of accessories made specifically for athletic equipment storage.

Benefits of a LEVPRO System - Increase Storage Space

Optimize Space

Fit more in less space with our mobile shelving, allowing you to make the most of your athletic gear storage

Sports Equipment Storage that is Easily Relocatable

Easily Maintained

Keep your sports storage area clean and clear with a suspended system, allowing you to access every inch of floorspace.

Spacesaver Cares

Maximize Storage

Expand your programs with more space for the PE equipment storage needed to offer students additional sports and activities.

Maximize your equipment storage capabilities

Select from three sizes to best fit your athletic equipment storage needs:

LEVPRO suspended shelving on a patent pending trolley system offers a compact, flexible solution.  LEVPRO gives you more space and time to do your job.  With 8′, 10′, and 12′ variants, LEVPRO can solve your storage issues.

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