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LEVPRO provides quick and convenient storage for police duty bags, jackets, and other gear.

The Challenge // messy, inconvenient storage

Officers at the police department in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, needed a convenient place to store duty bags and other gear such as first aid kits, evidence collection kits, hats, and winter coats. They wanted to store these items separately from street clothing and other personal gear, and they wanted them to be stored near the garage for convenient access before and after their shifts.

The officers had been storing their duty gear in an unused room, but it was cluttered and unsightly. The room was also inconveniently located far from the garage entrance. When the department grew to the point where the room needed to be used as an office, the police chief knew he needed to find a better storage solution.

Before Compact Shelving Solution After Overhead Track Space Saving Solution

The Solution // Suspended Shelving

The chief acquired a LEVPRO suspended shelving system and had it installed in the department’s heated garage. The LEVPRO is located right outside the door that leads from the police department’s interior to the garage, so officers can easily pick up gear on their way to their cruisers and drop off gear on their way back inside.

Every officer has an assigned space and the LEVPRO is configured with…

hanging bars for coats and jackets

shelves for bags, hats, and boxes

wire decking for overhead storage

The Result // organized gear

The LEVPRO system keeps the officers’ duty gear organized and accessible, right where it’s needed. The system saves time, prevents unnecessary foot traffic through the department’s interior, and protects the department’s valuable assets.

School Gym Equipment Storage

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Police Duty Bag Storage

LEVPRO provides quick and convenient storage for police duty bags, jackets, and other gear.

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