Library Renovation Creates Modern Space for St. Louis Public Library

Library Renovation Creates Modern Space for St. Louis Public Library

Spacesaver’s compact shelving opened up space for modern uses as part of a major library renovation project.

Compact shelving, library renovation

The St. Louis Central Library needed to consolidate its stacks to free up space for modern uses like computer labs, teen spaces, and meeting rooms. The historic building also faced safety hazards caused by the outdated central stack area, and seismic considerations needed to be taken into account, as well.

Spacesaver’s local affiliate worked with architects and the planning team to create a renovated space that remained within the building’s existing footprint and incorporated its original architecture. The use of high-density compact shelving enabled the library to consolidate its stacks onto just three mezzanine-like floors, plus the basement level of the library — and the resulting new stack space meets fire and seismic codes and is brighter and easier to navigate.

The consolidation of the stacks has opened up existing spaces for new functions: The library’s new spaces include a teen room, a café, a book club meeting room, and a multimedia studio. The end result is a vibrant community space that’s a blend of old and new, where ornate wooden ceilings and dramatic chandeliers meet high-tech computer labs, sleek glass walls and exposed concrete floors. Learn more about this project here.

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