Compact Storage for Pharmaceutical Research, Products, and Vaccines

Helping save lives and improve patient outcomes

Highly regulated pharmaceutical research and manufacturing environments require safe, secure storage to promote compliance and efficiency. We have decades of experience in these areas and can design storage systems to meet virtually any requirement. No matter what your research lab, manufacturing facility, or pharmacy needs to store, we can help design solutions that are a perfect fit for your needs and your space.

Store compounds and other stock safely at any temperature with Spacesaver’s compact mobile systems. Get faster, easier access to anything you need, right when you need it.

Optimize Space

Eliminate wasted aisle space to gain capacity.

Keep Stock Organized & Secure

Eliminate overcrowding and promote organization.

Densely Pack Cold Rooms & Freezers

Hand-operated systems work at any temperature, and powered systems work to -20 degrees F.

Streamline Inventory & Compliance

With full selectivity and visibility, our systems simplify inventory control and facilitate compliance.

Control Ventilation

Connect to your facility’s HVAC system to eliminate fumes.

Keep it Clean

Maintain a clean environment with stainless steel and antimicrobial coating options.

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Virtual Designing Healthcare Facilities

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Proven Performance

Spacesaver is proud to work with top pharmaceutical firms to support the development, manufacture, and distribution of life-saving vaccines and therapies. See how we’ve helped labs and pharmacies consolidate and condense storage for maximum efficiency.

covid testing equipment storage

COVID Testing Lab

To support the supplies and materials required to support a six-fold increase COVID testing capacity, Spacesaver provided three compact mobile shelving systems to this 30,000-square-foot lab within a larger complex: one system for materials management and two for storing test kits in refrigerated rooms.

pharmacy vented mobile cabinet storage

vented pharmacy moveable shelves

healthcare ventilated laboratory cabinets

Ventilated Cabinets

See how our ventilated cabinets were mounted on a high-density mobile system and connected to an R&D lab’s ventilation system. The cabinets keep stored pharmaceutical chemicals organized while also saving space, keeping the lab clean, and protecting staff from potentially harmful fumes.

Pharmaceutical Research Lab

Faced with rapid growth and increasing inventory, a pharmaceutical company’s research lab needed more efficient cold storage. We worked with staff to design a mobile shelving system that maximized the lab’s storage capacity.

Inpatient Pharmacy

As inpatient pharmacies remodel to comply with new hazardous drug storage regulations, Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems help optimize space while still keeping medications and supplies organized and secure.

pharmacy shelving solutions

Connect with the Pharma Storage Experts

Provide fast, convenient access to pharmaceutical compounds and products, right when and where your team needs it. No matter where you’re located, a Spacesaver consultant is nearby to answer your questions and provide space planning insights.