Spacesaver offers a comprehensive library of BIM objects for Revit.

If you have a specific need that isn’t available yet, please contact us and let us know.

Museum Storage Cabinets

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Designed to protect collections, save space, and provide enduring solutions for institutions of all sizes, the Viking by Spacesaver line of museum cabinets represents the future of collections care.
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Day Use Lockers

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Multi-functional personal item storage that can be used as building blocks for workspaces.
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BimObject - Revit Files for Day Use Lockers

Evidence Lockers

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Designed specifically to provide a secure chain of custody during the critical short-term evidence storage period.
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FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

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Configurable lockers that offer a variety of options for storing equipment, uniforms, weapons, and electronics, with optional internal locking compartments that provide an additional layer of security.
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High-Density Mobile Storage

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Compact storage for any and all items with options for powered, mechanical assist, or manual operation to create flexible and functional spaces.
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Static Shelving

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Engineered for stability and strength, with a variety of accessories including storage/file drawers, bins, and pull-out reference shelves.
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Weapon Racks

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Secure, configurable storage for any type of weapon from rifles to side arms, as well as gear bags and optics, all within the same cabinet frame.
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