Pass-Through Gear Lockers for Military Pilots

Pass-Through Gear Lockers

Saving time and improving military readiness.

A creative approach to product design helped improve readiness at this Air National Guard facility, where supply technicians needed to transfer fragile and expensive gear back and forth between helicopter pilots and the supply room. They wanted secure lockers that would open on the front and the back, so items could be deposited in the supply room and retrieved on the other side of the wall.

During a facility remodel, the architect worked with the local Spacesaver consultant to design pass-through gear lockers. Spacesaver’s custom manufacturing capabilities allow its engineers and manufacturing teams to combine different product features in unique ways. They were able to design “pass through” rear-loading gear lockers that are a hybrid of Spacesaver’s personal storage lockers and pass-through evidence lockers.

secure readiness military lockers

The pilot lockers are mounted in a wall, with doors on each side.

military readiness pass through mesh lockers

Pass-through gear lockers streamline workflows and minimize handling of delicate and expensive equipment.

  • Technicians access the lockers through perforated mesh doors on the back.
  • Now it’s easy to securely transfer expensive equipment.
  • Pilots open the lockers to retrieve or replace gear.

From the corridor accessed by the pilots, the lockers look fairly typical: they’re two-tiered, with louvered steel doors and a padlock hasp. Instead of a solid steel back, though, the lockers are equipped with double-mesh doors that open into the supply storage area.

The mesh doors provide technicians with direct access and visibility into the lockers, allowing them to retrieve and replace helmets, communications equipment, and other gear for repair or routine maintenance. 

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Custom Military Lockers for Any Need

Spacesaver’s engineers collaborate with military personnel to create sturdy, streamlined storage for weapons, personal gear, pilot gear, and more. When you need pilot lockers that will protect equipment and stand the test of time, contact us to set up a free consultation with your local Spacesaver rep. He or she will explain your options and help design the best storage solution for your space.

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