Eliminating Extra Aisles

Snow College Maximizes Capacity with High-Density Mobile Storage

Snow College’s Karen H. Huntsman Library recently completed the installation of an Eclipse High-density Mobile System.

The ability to eliminate aisles (and maximize storage capacity in the space) with high-density storage, and at the same time, provide users easy access to the library storage collection through just a push button, was crucial. Additional rails were installed under the carpet, so that adding onto to the system when the collection starts to grow will be as easy as pulling up the carpet and placing additional carriages on top of those rails. The library was also able to use some existing shelving and microfilm cabinets within the high-density system, eliminating the need to re-purchase those items.

Custom, cherry wood end panels add a sophisticated look and feel to match the interior aesthetic of the library. What a success story!

high-density mobile systems

high-density mobile systems

high-density mobile systems

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