Prevent Military Property Loss

Prevent Military Property Loss

Custom lockers and other solutions to improve readiness and simplify inventory.

Keeping track of government property that’s used by hundreds of soldiers can be a challenge, especially when soldiers have to store their gear at home. That was the case for the North Carolina National Guard. With no central storage space for large mobility bags and other gear, soldiers had to take items home or store them in their vehicles, which led to missing gear and the resulting paperwork and lost time.

A study found that over 90% of Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) military property losses were occurring in ranks E1 through E5. To keep soldiers’ valuable equipment secure and accounted for, leadership concluded that the most effective solution would be to create a locker room in each National Guard readiness center in the state.

Durable steel lockers help save time, streamline inventory processes, and prevent property loss.

national guard duty bag storage

Lockers were designed to hold large gear bags and other equipment.

military personal equipment storage locker accessories

A variety of accessories are available, including shelves, hooks, and lock options.

secure equipment lockers ventilation

Perforated doors allow ventilation while securing property.

The next step was to select the lockers. The project planning team had previously seen sample metal lockers and wire cages, but those products didn’t offer the features they were looking for. The local Spacesaver consultant worked with Spacesaver’s engineering team to design custom FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers to accommodate the soldiers’ large mobility bags and other equipment. The lockers are 78” tall by 32” wide by 24” deep, with two shelves, two coat hooks, and a hasp lock. Each sturdy steel locker has a perforated mesh door to provide airflow while also obscuring the view of expensive equipment kept inside.

The custom Spacesaver lockers were a perfect fit, and they have now been installed in centers throughout the state. The new locker rooms have the potential to save the North Carolina National Guard millions of dollars and thousands of hours by preventing property loss and the associated paperwork.

Other Ways to Prevent Military Property Loss

High-Density Storage with Audit Trail
Eliminate wasted space and prevent unauthorized access.

national guard heavy-duty mobile shelving

Weapons Racks
Streamline inventory and keep weapons secure with versatile, fully configurable weapons racks.

national guard portable secure weapon racks

ControLoc® Technology
PIN-code or badge swipe records who accessed every locker, and when they accessed it.

national guard powered moving shelves

Want to prevent military property loss?

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