Case Study: Public School Library Shelving

Public School Library Shelving

Creating an affordable new library at this public school.

Arlington, Virginia

Spacesaver’s custom design and manufacturing capabilities create unique opportunities to collaborate with architects and designers. For instance, the architect for the library of this new public school in the Washington D.C. area wanted the library to have a modern, open feel while still staying within the school district’s budget.

The architect chose plywood as the primary finish material. Designers are increasingly using plywood as a finish in modern interiors to take advantage of the product’s warmth, versatility, and affordability.

custom design public school library

The architect worked with Spacesaver’s engineering team on a custom design for this public school library.

plywood cantilever library shelving

Custom public school library shelving can be affordable and interesting.

Custom cantilever shelving integrates with plywood to create a bright, modern look in this new public school library.

plywood public library shelving

Plywood is being used more frequently as a finish material in modern buildings. The wood is warm and versatile in addition to being affordable.

cantilever library shelving custom installation

Spacesaver can design and manufacture custom or standard cantilever library shelving for any space.

The architect worked directly with Spacesaver’s in-house engineering team on the library’s layout as well as the design of custom cantilever shelving. The shelving uprights were installed flush with the plywood walls to create a smooth surface and maintain the librarians’ ability to adjust shelving heights without special tools.

The end result is a versatile and visually appealing shelving system that integrates with the rest of the building’s bright, modern design.

Connect with the Experts on Public School Library Shelving

If you’re considering a library renovation or expansion, keep in mind that your local Spacesaver consultant can provide space planning assistance and detailed product information to help you make the right decision for your school and your community. There’s no cost and no obligation, so contact us today to get connected.

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