When you free up space, you create possibilities for the future

Space Lets You Stay on Budget

Compact Mobile Storage Can Save You Money

climate controlled storage movable shelving

Climate Controlled Storage With Increased Capacity Perfect for Seed Testing Company

One of the world’s largest independent seed testing companies, located in North Dakota, was quickly running out of space in their environmentally controlled sample storage facility. Not only did they need significantly more space, they also needed a better method to access, track, and control samples—all the while avoiding a potentially costly construction of an entirely new building.

Space Lets You Focus on Employees

Environment and Employee Morale are Closely Tied

Flexible storage options inside personal storage lockers at Salisbury Township Police Department

Configurable Police Gear Lockers create comfort for officers at Salisbury PD

Salisbury’s jurisdiction spanned just over eleven square miles, but with a population of just under 14,000 people and a shared border with Allentown, the third-largest municipality in Pennsylvania, there was no shortage of police activity. They had simply outgrown their old building, and by putting on two additions and a completely new second floor, they had a chance to make the space a better one for staff and visitors to the building alike.

Space Lets You be More Efficient

By Doubling Storage Capacity and Organization– everything is that more accessable

Lockers, Weapons Racks, and Shelves That Move: Smart Storage Translates to Efficiency

Sometimes, you’re given a task at your job and simply don’t know where to begin. That was how Tim Doubt, Deputy Chief with the Salt Lake City Police Department (SLC PD), felt a few years ago, when he was given a monumental task—to plan the layout and design of Salt Lake City’s new Public Safety Building.
With the new building, all of Salt Lake City’s operations—police, fire, Department of Corrections, and all dispatch services—would be under one roof, which was instrumental to the efficiency of the department. It was imperative to design a space where all employees could collaborate better than they’d been able to in the past.

Warehouse Storage System goes
Mobile for Wind Turbine Company

It’s an interesting feeling—the knowledge that even with a recently constructed facility, you’re still facing the issue of needing additional facilities and storage in the near future.
That’s how Mark, the Lead Test Specialist for a major gas and wind turbine company, felt when he was in the building of the facility used for engineering and testing components of the turbines. He knew there was very little chance of being able to expand the warehouse—and in order to solve the company’s budding storage challenge, they would need to improvise with the shelving and racking of their current industrial storage system.