History of Storage: The Evolution of the Shelf

History of Storage

The Evolution of the Shelf

The shelf has been around since the dawn of time. Well, we’re not sure if that’s true, but we do know that shelving has come a long way from where it started. And who better than to share how far shelves have come than the top innovator in shelving and storage systems? So, here’s Spacesaver’s History of Storage: The Evolution of the Shelf.

4-Post Shelving in a Hospital Pharmacy

It all started with Static Stone Age.

Static 4-post shelves have always been the classic storage solution for libraries, offices, evidence rooms and even maintenance areas. Spacesaver 4-post shelving is a step above ordinary static shelving because it can accommodate for a wide array of media formats and include accessories like pullout reference shelves and file drawers.

Cantilever Library Shelving

Next came the Cantilever Copper Age. 

Cantilever shelving is a static system that was more versatile for customizing how and what you store. Where there was once only a few options for shelving configuration options, Cantilever provides accessories based on specific storage needs and allows for convenient reconfigures, relocations or expansions as your needs change.

Mobile Shelving

And then there was (cue inspirational music) the Mobile Modern Age.

Spacesaver has helped achieve new innovations in shelving with our mobile storage systems. With the ability to store just about anything, each mobile storage system is engineered for complete customization, while using less floor space than static shelving. Spacesaver mobile shelving storage systems are truly the way of the future.

Download the St. Louis Public Library Lookbook to see how Spacesaver used multiple shelving solutions to create an incredible new library for the city of St. Louis.