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In our 40+ years in the storage and mobile shelving industry, we’ve never thought of ourselves as simply product manufacturers—we prefer “storage thinkers.” We research industry trends, test and develop all of our products in-house with our on-site engineering team, and take the time to listen to our customers’ challenges and what they need to do their jobs better.

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With Spacesaver sports equipment storage solutions, you can fit all of your equipment, no matter the size or shape, safely and securely.


Even with a recently constructed facility, you might still be facing the issue of needing additional facilities and storage in the near future.


Businesses should be focused on protecting information and building a more efficient and secure storage system.

Public Safety

Years of designing products alongside public safety personnel has helped us create the most efficient, secure, and innovative public safety products available.


Within both educational institutions and public libraries, repurposing space has been at the forefront of recent library construction and remodeling trend.


Years of providing custom storage solutions for museums around the globe have made Spacesaver the expert in museum collections storage and preservation.


Our diverse range of military storage solutions are designed to precisely match the unique demands of each unit and the objective of each mission.


Space management and storage challenges continue to keep healthcare practitioners from doing what they want to do most: spend more quality time with patients.



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Naval Undersea Museum artifact storage on mobile shelving

Like any other museum, the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington has a large archival storage department. However, most museums don’t have to worry about where to store 6,000 lb. torpedoes along with the rest of their artifacts. Dedicated to preserving over two centuries of U.S. Naval history, the archival storage warehouse includes torpedoes, undersea and diving equipment as well as art. In order to preserve and protect the various artifacts stored in the facility, the collections manager had to research for alternative storage solutions.


Case In Point:

High-Density, Compact Mobile Shelving
(Once you think about it, it’s kind of a no-brainer)

Want to know one of the storage solutions we get pretty excited about? High-density mobile shelving, or simply, shelves that move. Mobile shelving gives you a significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floor space than conventional storage products like lateral files or static shelving. In many applications, these systems are three times more space-efficient than conventional filing and shelving. In short? It can help you get rid of wasted space, increase revenue, and increase storage of the items that are most important to your business.

 Evidence Lockers Assist With Law Enforcement Accreditation

Evidence Lockers Assist With Law Enforcement Accreditation

The tracking and security afforded by a new evidence locker storage solution has helped Bensalem Police Department with state and CALEA law enforcement accreditation—and has saved them time and money in the process.

 Personal Storage Lockers Boost Officer Morale

Personal Storage Lockers Boost Officer Morale

At Salisbury Police Department, officers used keep valuable police equipment in their cars due to lack of storage space. FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers allowed officers to keep all their relevant gear in one spot and offered a way to configure the lockers however they needed, creating a “home away from home.” The result? An increase in the department’s morale that translates into better work for the community.

Mobile Storage Creates Space and Security for AFB Parachute Storage

Mobile Storage Creates Space and Security for AFB Parachute Storage

Static shelving was starting to become a safety hazard to parachutes and life rafts at an Air Force Base — exposed sharp edges were damaging equipment and putting the lives of pararescuemen at risk. Combined with cantilever racks for hanging the chutes, an ActivRAC 7M mobilized storage system helped the base not only quadruple the amount of free space in their AFE unit, but also ensure safe moving of the equipment.

8,000 Boxes in a 16-Foot-Wide Building

8,000 Boxes in a 16-Foot-Wide Building

When Philadelphia’s Chemical Heritage Foundation planned to convert a historical building into a archival storage space, they did so with the goal of bringing their entire archive collection back on-site in order to better serve fellows, researchers, and staff. 8,000 one-foot-wide boxes needed to fit into a building less than a quarter of a basketball court in size. They achieved their goal by looking up—and utilizing 36’ XTend High Bay Mobile Shelving.