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Sometimes it’s what is being stored that is important. Other times, it is what happens elsewhere by storing your items differently that makes the difference. Whatever the situation, we will meet your challenge with a solution; it might be a product, a strategy or a combination of both. Look at storage a whole new way.


  • "Spacesaver helped to contribute to part of what I would consider the spirit of sustainability, and the LEED Certification level that we were trying to achieve, which was LEED Silver.”

    Kathryn Taylor, Interior Designer, Freelon Architects
    Kathryn Taylor, Interior Designer, Freelon ArchitectsAnacostia Public Library
  • “The Spacesaver system allowed us to condense our storage space while doubling our capacity; doing this created room for future growth without taking away from additional office space.”

    Russ Buchholz, Information Technology Division Director
    Russ Buchholz, Information Technology Division DirectorNorth Dakota Department of Transportation
  • “ I can sum it up in one word — organization. The system itself has been a tremendous saver of time and effort. Site counts that used to take hours can now be done in 35 minutes.”

     Capt. Williamson, 4th MEB (Anti-Terrorism)
    Capt. Williamson, 4th MEB (Anti-Terrorism)Camp Lejeune
  • “Not only am I extremely satisfied, I’m impressed with the storage solution. It gets back to our ability to provide a quality level of service. It’s what we’re here for.”

    Skokie Police Chief Barry Silverberg
    Skokie Police Chief Barry SilverbergSkokie Police Department
  • “The storage solution allows us to organize our teams and workflow around our processes, which greatly contributes to efficient and accurate delivery of medications. We can also quickly and easily adapt to any number of changes in the industry – and continue to provide a high level of service without disruption.”

    Tracy Ferguson, AMDS Systems Administrator
    Tracy Ferguson, AMDS Systems AdministratorPeterborough Regional Healthcare Center

Customer Experiences

  • This library was renovated in order to meet the needs of this low income, underserved D.C. Community. Those needs included job placement services, educational programs for all ages in the community, and a significant amount of space dedicated to children's reading. Book stacks can often be dark, narrow aisles, but at Anacostia we customized the stacks to incorporate translucent resin that enabled additional daylight flow throughout the space.

    Anacostia Neighborhood Library
    Anacostia Neighborhood Library
  • When St. Louis Central Library underwent a renovation of their 101-year-old building, they wanted to preserve the original millwork. Many of the old, wooden shelves were warped or damaged. The library ended up stripping one reading room of all the wooden shelves to use as replacement shelves throughout the rest of the building. Spacesaver then worked closely with the library to install metal shelving within the gutted millwork cubbies. This solution maintained the original look of the historic shelves, but also revived their functionality.

    St. Louis Central Public Library
    St. Louis Central Public Library
  • Over a mile and a half of linear storage in a 16' wide space is pretty remarkable. The Chemical Heritage Foundation decided to use and restore a near by historical building to fulfill their need of storage for their expanding college. After evaluating the historical building it was recognized that egress stairs and an elevator would be required for the space leaving minimal space available for storage. After evaluating it was realized that the floors were not needed, build the shelves straight up.

    Chemical Heritage Foundation
    Chemical Heritage Foundation
  • The Archives & Regional History Department at Western Michigan University was storing their extensive collection of books, journals, archives, monographs and bound periodicals under three different roofs around campus. Housing such a large collection in three different buildings was not ideal. A collection of over 450,000 book volumes and 25,000 archive record boxes required the use of high bay mobile shelving, a unique archival shelving solution. XTend high-bay mobile shelving can move 180 tons of weight with the simple push of a button, and spans 34 feet high.

    Western Michigan University - University Archives and Regional History Collections
    Western Michigan University - University Archives and Regional History Collections
  • Adding pin code access to a powered mobile shelving unit eased any doubt around secure files and regulation. Designing personal lockers for locker rooms that promote air circluation from the inside out to allow items to breathe. And evidence storage that keeps the chain of custody at the top mind without concern are the innovative storage solutions that boosted moral and create organization at the Bensalem Police Department.

    Bensalem Township Police Department
    Bensalem Township Police Department

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