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Our vision is to lead the charge in providing storage solutions that save and preserve space, secure property or documents, and assist in better organization of materials – ultimately saving our users time.
We are innovators. We are problem solvers. We are solution providers.
We reside in the world of storage every day, and have done so for over forty years.
We are Problem Solvers


It started in a 10,000 square foot barn in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Theodore W. Batterman recognized that space, energy conservation and productivity was the triple threat to many industries. From the desire to solve these problems, he spearheaded the development of high-density mobile storage and shelving for the United States. He started with only seven employees. In 1998 Spacesaver became part of KI, an employee-owned global company headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin that was started in 1941. Today, KI is approaching $700 million in sales and ranks as the sixth-largest contract furniture manufacturer in the industry.

We are Innovators


Sometimes a storage challenge exists in the market without a standard solution. It is here that Spacesaver can step in and develop new products to alleviate these challenges that our customers face. One example: weapons storage for the military. The U.S. Marine Corps was challenged to store weapons of different sizes, shapes and models. Each time they added a model to their armory, new cabinets and weapons racks had to be designed and installed. Spacesaver partnered with the U.S, Marine Corps to develop an alterative solution. Through research, prototyping and test installations, the Spacesaver Universal Weapon Rack (UWR®) was born. Celebrating its 13 year anniversary in 2013, the UWR has become the standard in weapons storage.

We are Solution Providers


After 40+ years in the storage and shelving industry, we don’t think of ourselves as simply product manufacturers, but as complete solution providers. We research industry trends, develop new storage solutions based on our experiences, and really listen to our customers. We will meet your challenge with a solution; it might be a product, a strategy or a combination of both.

Working Together

We are both a corporate entity and an independent dealer network of storage experts and together we will carry out space planning, sales, installation and service functions for you, our valued customer. This innovative combination provides the financial strength of a large corporation with the entrepreneurial flexibility of small businesses.

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