How High Density Mobile Storage Maximizes Cannabis Yield


How it Works

Spacesaver’s compact mobile systems consist of three main components: 1rails installed in or on top of the floor, 2“carriages” that move along the rails and 3support tables or shelving, and optional shelving or racking. The systems are powered with mechanical assist “crank” handles that allow users to move thousands of pounds with minimal effort.

Spacesaver’s factory-certified technicians will work with your team to ensure that system installation proceeds smoothly, with minimal downtime and disruption. Then they’ll train you and your staff on the system’s operation.

Cannabis ActiveRAc Mobile Systems

These systems offer a variety of advantages…

  • Unlimited carraige length and configuraitons.
  • Integration with existing lighting, fertigation, and other systems.
  • Support existing tables, shelving, or pallet racking.
  • Take your grow to the next level with multiple tiers.

Input your numbers to find our what your estimated increase of yield would be with our Grow by Spacesaver HDMS systems.

While your local Spacesaver consultant can work with you or your consultants to design a detailed layout for your facility, we’ve found that the most efficient grow indoor cannabis grow floorplans include space not only for plants — like cloning rooms, flowering rooms, and curing rooms — but also for people.

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Beyond Shelving
The Total Solution

ActiveRAC for indoor cannabis tables and vertical growing

Built for Your Space

Spacesaver’s heavy-duty drive trains were initially developed for warehouses and other applications that require strength and durability. This technology is now available for the indoor cannabis grow market, so growers can fill rooms of any size with sturdy, reliable carriage-and-rail systems. Our robust systems can bear the weight of multiple tiers, helping indoor growers take full advantage of vertical space.

As a custom manufacturer, we can design and build steel shelving, trays, and other accessories to your exact specifications. We can also work with your existing tables and shelving, lighting, and other systems to create efficient, productive rooms.

Building in Phases

We understand that credit is difficult to obtain in the emerging cannabis industry, and that’s why many of our clients implement a phased approach to installing Spacesaver GROW systems. By installing our systems one room at a time, or by installing the rails first and adding tables and shelving later, you can ensure an efficient transition to new, space-saving grow systems.

Install systems in a single flowering room, and the increased productivity in that room pays for new systems in additional rooms.

Start with the floor rail systems during new construction. As funds become available, add moving tables to increase yields.

We have space saving systems to boost capacity throughout any facility. Don’t forget your cloning and curing rooms.

American Cannabis Company ACC

Working with Consultants

If you’re already working with a consultant or consulting team, we’re happy to work with them to implement your vision. If you’re looking for consulting services, we recommend the American Cannabis Company (ACC), which can provide full-service consultation and product solutions, from licensing and construction to cultivation, processing, and dispensing.

Case Study California Cannabis Grow

This California grow installed Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Mobilized Storage System to gain higher yields in its flowering rooms. This particular system consists of two-tier shelving mounted on 42-foot-long “carriages” that move along rails installed along the floor.

An ActivRAC was initially installed in a single room, and the increased yields in that room paid for new systems in additional rooms. In each case the local Spacesaver consultant worked with staff to minimize disruption and downtime, timing the ActivRAC installations to coincide with the end of each room’s harvest.

Cannabis Case Study Mobilized Tables

Ready to maximize your yield?

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