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Sterile Storage for Healthcare

Central Sterile Supply

Sterile storage is frequently overlooked when it comes to planning hospital layouts – which means sterile supply rooms are often disorganized with awkwardly packed items that make it frustrating to find and retrieve the needed supplies. In fact, nurses spend an average of 21 minutes per shift looking for missing supplies – time that could be better spent with patients.

A smarter sterile supply solution can help you:

  • Improve Care by allowing nurses to find the supplies they need easily
  • Control Costs through better management of your inventory and more efficient labor use
  • Save Space by using every inch of your room more effectively

Download our Sterile Storage lookbook to see how we’ve helped other hospitals streamline their sterile supply storage.

Mobile Storage

High density mobile storage allows you to store significantly more supplies in your existing space by eliminating wasted aisle space. Aisles can be easily opened for quick access to items, while still providing enough space to accommodate carts.

High-Density Mobile Storage Floor Rail Storage Solution

Standard High Density Mobile Storage utilizes a floor rail system with shelves mounted to carriages. Aisles are opened by turning a mechanical assist handle or pushing a button.

LEVPRO Railless Storage Solution

LEVPRO Mobile Storage features a railless design with sliding shelves mounted at the top and lifted off the floor. Aisles are opened by pulling a manual handle.

The Solution in Action

At Medical College of Pennsylvania, installing a mobile system helped them consolidate their sterile storage space to accommodate a remodel that included new OR equipment. Not only did they achieve their remodel goals, but the changes have also made it easier for the sterile processing technicians to do their jobs and to get case carts assembled. “Before we had to go to the 9th floor, 1st floor, 3rd floor and then to multiple rooms to find the items we needed,” explained Lamont Witters, sterile processing technician. “Now we are faster and more accurate. It was difficult to maintain a cost-effective level of supply inventory when we had supplies scattered. With everything in one place, we have been able to cut inventory.” Learn More about this solution by downloading the full case study.

Modular Bin Storage

FrameWRX is a storage system that utilizes bins and other accessories that slide along a rail-style shelf. Colored bins allow you to better organize and color-code smaller supplies and keep visual track of your inventory to support lean inventory management. Learn more about FrameWRX by downloading the info sheet.