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Not Your Usual Legal Law Library Storage Solution

Conventional, static shelving takes up to twice as much space than the alternative of mobile filing and storage systems. By organizing all of your current legal library books and reference collections into customized, compact shelving, your firm will actually gain space, which can be used to better your work environment. Achieve an office space that is both functional and versatile with legal law library storage systems from Spacesaver.

Download the featured case study to explore how Berkeley Law used Spacesaver mobile shelving to move the entire library collection (close to 875,000 volumes and volume equivalents) to one location, using only 85% of the allotted floor space.


Case Study: Toronto Based Law Firm

Custom Storage Solutions assist Toronto Based Law Firm Function more Efficiently.

Case Study: Contemporary Law Firm

In 2010, an international law firm underwent a total building renovation in order to create a more contemporary work environment for their growing practice. While modernizing the look of this law firm’s space was crucial, the need to maintain the day-to-day functions of a legal practice was equally important.

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