For more than 40 years, Spacesaver has been trusted with storing and protecting some of the world’s most interesting objects. With the recent acquisition of Viking Metal Cabinets, we now offer complete museum storage solutions for all varieties of collections. From the initial space assessment, to product installation, to ongoing service and maintenance, our extensive network of local dealers has the expertise to advise museum professionals on all aspects of maximizing space and protecting collections.


While Spacesaver is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious museums, we also help small institutions protect and provide access to collections. For instance, Spacesaver’s local space experts helped the Blithewold Mansion create a storage system to preserve letters, clothing, and artwork associated with an historic Rhode Island home.


For small objects such as shells, fossils, entomology specimens, and cultural artifacts, we offer cabinets and shelves that can accommodate any size of drawers, dividers, and trays. Any of our storage products can be placed on mobile carriages to make the most efficient use of available space.

4-post mobile shelving with bin fronts protects specimens from accidental breakage.

Our full line of cabinets accommodate drawers and trays of all sizes.

Drawers house a variety of small cultural artifacts.


Spacesaver has worked with museum professionals to store a diverse range of large items from zoological specimens to historic torpedoes and everything in between. Your local Spacesaver consultant can help design the right combination of cantilever shelving4-post shelving, wide span shelvingheavy-duty racking, and cabinets for your needs.Any of our storage products can be placed on mobile carriages to make the most efficient use of available space.


Art racks provide compact storage and convenient access to hanging art, and we offer a variety of options to suit any space. Art racks are equipped with anti-tip and anti-vibration mechanisms to ensure your artwork is protected.

Art racks on dual rail systems provide compact storage while still maintaining stability and accessibility.

Art rack mounted on mobile carriage - museum storage

Art racks can be installed on carriage-and-rail systems to allow for optimal organization and space utilization.

Hang-Glider Pro Storage Panel System is a ceiling-suspended pullout storage system that allows you to compact your art storage while permitting easy relocation of the entire system.

Show off your stored collections and give patrons a glimpse behind the scenes by displaying your art racks.


Spacesaver offers archival-quality products for the storage of rare books, film, and other perishable objects that require extra-special care. Perforated shelving, end panels, and uprights permit increased air circulation, and our mobile storage systems are engineered to work in climate-controlled environments, including coolers and freezers. Our optional low-level lighting systems are activated only when aisles are opened, limiting unnecessary light exposure.

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