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Years of designing products alongside public safety personnel has helped us create the most efficient, secure, and innovative public safety products available. From evidence storage that protects the chain of custody, to personal storage lockers, to secure weapons storage, Spacesaver products are designed with the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement in mind.


Lost keys, cumbersome deposit processes, lack of space – it all adds up to a less secure chain of custody. Spacesaver evidence lockers allow officers to deposit evidence anytime, without the need for keys or combinations. Just bag the item, select an empty locker, place the item inside, and the evidence is secure until retrieved by the proper personnel. From pass-thru lockers, to built-in refrigeration, to a variety of shapes and sizes, we offer solutions to fit the needs of each department.

Info Sheet: Evidence Locker Front Door Configurations

A list of all the Evidence Locker configurations Spacesaver manufactures.

Spacesaver Personal Secure Storage Lockers

Public safety personnel often face a strenuous work environment, but comfortable locker rooms can create a “home away from home.” Spacesaver personal storage lockers are infinitely configurable and customizable to accommodate each employee’s individual storage needs. Each personal storage locker offers a wide range of options to securely store equipment, uniforms, weapons, electronics, and separately locked sections for personal items. Choose from additions such as benches, air ventilation, and charging stations for a secure and functional locker room space.

Weapons Storage at Salt Lake City Public Safety Building

When it comes to weapons storage, optimum security and quick access are top priorities. Whether it’s sally port lockers for incoming officers or weapons lockers designed to accommodate a combination of handguns, shotguns, and rifles, Spacesaver offers a weapons storage solution that will keep guns safe and officers prepared. Additional high density weapons storage can be configured for armories and long-term evidence storage.

Case Study: Better Storage Helps New Public Safety Building Maximize its Space

The Salt Lake City Public Safety Building was created to serve as a central hub for the community by combining the police, fire and emergency response departments to one location. The building was constructed with safety in mind and is engineered to withstand and continue functioning through a 7.5 earthquake. However, due to space constraints the design team was force to look at smart storage options. Spacesaver storage systems are used throughout the entire building, which makes it a state-of-the-art facility to serve the public safety needs both now and in the future.

Tactical Gear Storage Lockers at Parker PD

When officers and public safety personnel must move quickly, the last thing they need is to be held up by disorganized or misplaced gear. Gear lockers and duty bag storage are the perfect heavy-duty solutions for bulky bags, boots, electronics, and tactical vests. With perforated doors for ventilation and added visibility, you can ensure your tactical gear is secure and ready when officers and first responders need it most.

Snapshot: Skokie Police Department | Skokie, IL

Skokie Police Department -Gains Efficiency by Installing Spacesaver® Storage Solutions

file box shelving Parker Police Department

From evidence documents to police records to warrants and more, police departments are required to hold onto a huge amount of paper – sometimes for decades – which can create a significant storage challenge. Mobile records and file storage increase your file storage capacity without sacrificing additional space. A variety of features allow you to restrict and track aisle access for maximum records security while keeping every item organized and accounted for – no matter the scale of your filing needs.

Case Study: Parker, Colorado Police Department

The Police Department of Parker, Colorado outgrew their facility. The opportunity to construct a new building gave them the chance to implement smarter storage solutions and have "one of the only property rooms that has extra space because it is organized so well," and to lay claim to hosting "one of the best evidence storage facilities not only in the state but in the country."

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Touch Technology Control

Feel Safe and Secure With the NEW Spacesaver Touchscreen Display

Touch Technology Control provides an additional layer of security and usability to your storage system. The intuitive LCD touchscreen not only controls the movement of the system, but can be used to restrict and track aisle access in evidence storage, records, and more.