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Check out our sports equipment room storage shelving configuration guide book that gives a general overview how we can store your equipment.

Sports Equipment Room Storage Solutions at Any Age Level

How much sports storage can you really fit in a small space? Utilizing compact shelving with standard components you can store a whole lot. Below is an example of an actual installation done for a high school. Each piece of sports equipment has a place and there’s a place for every piece of sports equipment.
Example of 19′ 8″ long by 7’7″ wide Sports Equipment Room

Download Our Athletic Equipment Shelving Configuration Guide Book

How much can fit in this Athletic Equipment Room?
1) 15″ Deep
Miscellaneous Storage for Head Sets, First Aid Kits, Water Bottles, Tees, Wrist Bands, Ball Bags, Etc.


2) 12″ Deep
Shoulder Pad Storage
Approximately 200 Capacity


3) 24″ Deep
Helmet Storage
144 Capacity

4) 24″ Deep
Totes for Storage of Pants and Pads
30 Totes 24″D x 16″W x 16.5″H


5) 18″ Deep
Hanging Jerseys
90 per Level

Elevation View of Athletic Storage Room

Explore some of these successful k-12 sports quipment room storage projects we have done

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