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Law Enforcement Gear Storage Lockers Primary Concern at Parker PD

When Colorado’s Parker Police Department found themselves at the beginning of the planning process for a new 53,000 square foot facility, there was an overarching goal that factored into the architecture of the building. The department needed to have the space and facilities that were required serve the community in the best way possible. In working with the building’s architects, Anderson Mason and Dale, the officers and staff made one point very clear—storage had always been an issue, and they didn’t want it to be an issue any longer. When Captain Ron Combs was asked what the most important day-to-day storage need is for his officers at Parker Police Department, he didn’t hesitate. “A primary storage need for any police department is space for our officers,” he says. In particular, not so much physical space for the officers as much as a place for all of their stuff. “Our officers have a lot of different equipment they need to keep here—uniforms, gun belts, boots, shoes, vests.” Combs goes on to say that when it comes to officer storage, there are two distinct factors it needs to have. First, it needs to be able to store an officer’s needed equipment safely and efficiently. Second, as every officer has a different way of doing things, any storage for personal belongings or gear needs to be easily adaptable to a particular officer’s needs. When they mentioned this to their architect, the firm quickly brought Spacesaver into the mix.

A primary storage need for any police department is space for our officers.

In addition to collaborating with the department on a solution for long- and short-term evidence storage and recommending a high-density mobile shelving system for records storage, Spacesaver also worked with the department’s building planning committee to design the ideal law enforcement gear storage lockers. As a result, the FreeStyle® Personal Storage Lockers at Parker PD are equipped with a sturdy bar for hanging uniforms and personal clothing in addition to several hooks for towels or extra items. A drawer at the bottom of the locker holds the officers’ bulletproof vest in a specially designed tray, so the vest can lay flat and has the opportunity to dry out after a long day. In addition to the vest, the drawer also holds an officer’s boots—and with a sturdy breadboard bench on the top of the drawer, an officer has a place to sit and put those boots on or take them off. For Combs, the greatest benefits of the law enforcement gear storage lockers are hidden. “These lockers integrate with power outlets,” Combs says. “So, officers can charge their cell phones, portable radios, and anything else they might need to charge—and its secure within their own personal space. The lockers are also integrated with the building’s heating and cooling system, which allows air to constantly be filtering through the lockers. “This means that things in the lockers are allowed to dry out,” Combs says, “but it also means that our locker rooms don’t smell like locker rooms.” The lockers, Combs says, offer a comfortable environment for officers and employees, which translate to better work out in the field. “These systems give our department the ability to have the what we need to do our jobs better and serve the community in a better way.”

Parker Police Department’s lockers give just a glimpse of what could be possible for your department. Click here to learn more about our infinitely configurable law enforcement gear storage lockers by FreeStyle® Locker brochure.

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