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Cantilever library shelving is the trusted library shelving solution for thousands of libraries all over the world.

Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving and Display Systems are ideal for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries, as well as general office spaces and is designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications. Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving offers a comprehensive range of options and storage accessories to meet your specific needs and accommodate a wide array of media formats and can conveniently reconfigure, relocate or expand as your storage needs change.

Further transform standard Cantilever Library Shelving by incorporating casters to create mobile library carts and/or the Spacesaver Modular EZ Rail™ element, which supports a wide range of slat wall accessories.

We now offer a special selection of cantilever display shelving for our media display units, which can be stationary or mounted on casters. The units’ A-frame shape encourages browsing and provides a practical way to store and display a variety of media.

Cantilever Library Shelving at Anacostia Public Library
Cantilever Library Shelving at College of Charleston
Cantilever Magazine Display Shelving Shelving at Gateway Community College
Spacesaver Cantilever Library Shelving
Cantilevered Pullout Media Storage at McClelland Irish Library
Cantilever Library Shelving at Pewaukee Public Library, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Custom Library Shelving Top at Richland County Library, Eastover, South Carolina
Cantilever Library Shelving with light, bright end panels, Seattle Central Library
Cantilever Library Shelving with illuminated shelving and custom end panels, St. Louis Central Library

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Spacesaver’s heavy-duty cantilever shelving offers unlimited options and with the ability to reconfigure and expand the system, your storage grows and adapts to your future needs.

Brochure: Cantilever Shelving Systems

Due to their rugged strength and pleasing aesthetic design, Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving and Display Systems are ideal for academic, corporate, public and legal libraries, as well as many general office applications.


Brochure: Library Shelving

Brochure: Cantilever Shelving

Product Details
  • Welded frame shelving uprights
  • Triple-bend shelf construction
  • Interlocking shelf end brackets
  • Location indicators for easy shelf alignment
  • Metal gussets welded to base support to help meet seismic requirements

Specialty shelves & accessories:

  • Zig-zag display backstop
  • Pull-out reference shelf
  • One- or two-tier multimedia shelf
  • Media bag rack
  • Flat storage shelf
  • Fixed display shelf
  • Periodical display shelf
  • Hanging wire support (squeeze type or snap-in type)
  • Integral low-back dividers
  • Steel book supports
  • One- or two-tier multimedia browsing box
  • Six-tier newspaper rack
  • Sloped adjustable shelves with integral low-back
  • Canopy light

Mobile Cantilever Shelving

Stationary Cantilever Shelving


Tech Data: Cantilever Library Shelving

Powder Coat Paint Finish Colors

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Spacesaver for custom applications.


Shelf Depths 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″, 11″, 12″, 15″
Shelf Widths 24″ 30″ 36″
Clear Widths 23-15/32″ 29-15/32″ 35-15/32″

Standard Upright Heights 42″, 66″, 78″, 84″, 90″
Standard Upright Heights 24″ 30″ 36″

BIM Objects
BIM Objects

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