When we think of storage space, we think of what more space could let you do.

Make space for what matters.

Standard high-density mobile storage is a great solution to tackle almost any storage challenge. By creating a moveable aisle that can compact your storage space, mobile shelving allows for complete access to all of your goods and materials while creating extra space to do the things that have a direct impact on your business, regardless of your industry or market.


Standard high density mobile storage systems have helped boost efficiency and organization in libraries, hospitals, athletic equipment rooms, museums, police departments, and other work environments. Plus, they offer a host of safety and security features, design options, and your choice of controls to suit your needs.

high density mobile storage, compact shelving library
Duty Belts and holster storage in bins on mobile shelving at Aurora Police Dept.
Mobile Shelving
Helmet Storage on Mobile Shelving at Corbett Middle School

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Take a look at how Standard High-Density Mobile could work for you. Learn about our options and see how we can make your space more efficient.

Brochure: Eclipse Powered Mobile Shelving

Eclipse is a unique new concept in powered high-density mobile storage. With the flexibility to do just what you want it to. Without loading you down with features you don’t really need.

Create your own powered storage solution from a broad range of features and options for guidance and drives. Control and safety. Power and wiring.

Simple, remote configurability via our PowerLink™ option makes it easy to reconfigure Eclipse once it’s installed. And as your storage needs change,
Eclipse can be readily reconfigured to meet them. Its modular design allows for easy future upgrades.

Modes of Operation

Depending on your needs, we offer three modes of operation for optimum ease of use, security, safety, and accessibility: manual, mechanical-assist, and powered controls.

Safety Features

Concerned about safety? We are too. That is why we offer multiple options when it comes to the use, entry, and operation of our mobile shelving systems.


Learn how high-density mobile shelving can help you double your storage capacity and optimize your space without expanding your storage footprint. Find out which compact mobile storage system fits your needs!

Standard High-Density Mobile Storage

Brochure: Eclipse Powered Mobile

Standard High-Density Mobile Storage

Basics of High-Density Mobile Shelving

Product Details
  • Wide array of sizes, colors, finishes, and end panel materials
  • Multiple options for opening aisles including manual, mechanical assist 3-spoke handles, and powered controls with buttons or LCD touchscreen
  • Multiple safety features, including safety sweeps, brakes, and anti-tip rails
  • Reconfigure, expand, or relocate mobile system as needed
  • Mount virtually any type of new or existing shelving on carriage and rail system
  • Limit access to aisles with optional locks or PIN-code access
  • Optional overhead lighting for safety and convenience
  • ADA compliant

Standard High-Density Mobile Storage

Tech Data: Touch Technology Control

Standard High-Density Mobile Storage

Info Sheet: Mobile Systems Safety Devices

Standard High-Density Mobile Storage

Tech Data: Mechanical Assist Safety Sweep

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