Freestyle® Personal Storage Locker

FreeStyle PSLs with Benches and Drawers, Skokie, Illinois
FreeStyle PSLs - Various Configuration Examples
FreeStyle PSLs in Locker Room, Salt Lake City, Utah
FreeStyle PSLs with Bench and Drawers, Locker Room of Public Safety Building, Salt Lake City
FreeStyle PSLs with Benches and Ventilated Rack in Storage Drawers
FreeStyle PSLs with Benches and Ventilated Storage Drawers
FreeStyle PSL - Bank of Lockers with Perforated Doors

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Bensalem (PA) Police Department
It may not seem like something as simple as secure locker storage could contribute to an increase in department morale, that’s exactly what the new system has done.
Franklin (TN) Police Department
“Our facility is now recognized as a model police headquarters.”
North Carolina National Guard
The locker rooms have the potential to save the North Carolina National Guard millions of dollars.
Salt Lake City (UT) Public Safety Building
“We have so many pieces of equipment…, it was a storage nightmare before.”
Skokie (IL) Police Department
“What it often boils down to in law enforcement is time saving and productivity.”
Innovation: PSL 2-Tier Locker
The double tier locker featured two tiers of half-height locker doors and a bench on all lockers with a bench that extended across each row of locker drawers.
Innovation: PSL Breadboard Bench
Because of the retractable locker room seating, the Breadboard Bench solution reduced the depth of each locker by 12”, allowing the Center to fit the needed number of lockers into the same footprint.
Innovation: PSL Safety Locker
A School Resource Officer needed a modified locker that could lock down a rifle.

Custom Personal Storage Lockers—Designed with You in Mind

When you’re in the field, each piece of equipment you carry, no matter the size or shape, has a secure place by your side. – So why not have a personal storage locker that can secure your gear while off duty?

Spacesaver Freestyle personal storage lockers can be configured and customized to accommodate for each individuals personal storage needs. Each personal storage locker offers a wide range of options to securely store equipment, uniforms, weapons, electronics and even separately locked sections for personal items.

Along with the inside customizations, Spacesaver engineers have designed some personal storage lockers with added features like air ventilation which allows air to flow through the lockers and remove an unwanted odors. At Salt Lake City, the SWAT team locker room added breadboard benches to the personal storage lockers for officers to have extra sitting space. Visit the public safety market page to discover how others have used personal storage lockers.

Product Detail
  • Ability to reconfigure, on-site
  • Strong, durable doors, constructed from 8-gauge double-wall steel with welded box construction
  • Integral garment hanger
  • Air extraction ready—engineered to promote proper air flow within the locker
  • Integrated peg board holes to hang items like duty belts or clothing on the interior door panel
  • Electrical ready—add duplex outlets to lockers at any time
  • Durable powder-coat paint finish in numerous standard colors
  • 9.5” or 13” deep hardwood butcher-block bench on bench drawer units
  • 200 lb. capacity bench and external access drawers
  • Welded 18-gauge cabinet construction, with reinforced corners for added rigidity
Parker, Colorado Police Department Gear Lockers

Brochure: FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker

Brochure/Tech Specs: EZ Rail Element

Powder Coat Paint Finish Colors

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact Spacesaver for custom applications.
Height 72″, 84″, 90″
Width(s) 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″
Depth 24″

*Ability to reconfigure on site, throughout life of the locker

  • 9.5″- or 13″-deep hardwood butcher block bench on bench drawer units
  • 200 lb. capacity bench

At-A-Glance: FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

CSI Spec: FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers


Brochure: FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker

Info Sheet: FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker

Info Sheet: FreeStyle Personal Storage Locker ADA Compliance

Tech Data: FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

CSI Spec: FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers

Brochure: Public Safety

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