FreeStyle® Personal Storage Locker

FreeStyle® Personal Storage Locker: Make it up as you go.

Lockers that are meant for backpacks and schoolbooks shouldn’t be used for storing valuable equipment that officers use and depend on every day. After a long shift, the equipment that works just as hard as you needs time to air out. At Franklin Police Department, Freestyle Lockers were installed with a complete ventilation system that provides consistent airflow throughout each locker. Each piece of equipment and gear can dry properly, as the airflows from the bottom of the locker and out through the top to a central exhaust at the end of each row. The custom designed ventilation system also helps remove locker odors.
Spacesaver created the Freestyle Locker with complete customization in minds, so each officer has a locker that meets his or her needs. At Skokie Police Department, one of their top priorities was officers and their personal storage lockers, which most call their ‘home base’. Because personal customization was a must-have, each locker was specifically engineered with a variety of options and interchangeable features, like a special compartment for hanging belts, which allows users to easily organize each locker to fit their needs. With Spacesaver Freestyle lockers there’s finally the perfect combination of form and function in a locker system.

Additional features offered for each Freestyle locker include electrical outlets for charging multiple devices used both on and off duty. Sloped tops and double walled steel doors also add a higher level of security.

Take a Look at How Franklin Police Department Made FreeStyle Lockers Work For Them.

Franklin PD took advantage of air extraction by working with a central exhaust duct at the end of each row to promote air flow from bottom to top for 245 FreeStyle lockers installed in men’s and women’s locker rooms. Check out this installation here.

  • Ability to reconfigure on-site
  • Adjustable shelf
  • Integral garment hanger
  • Air extraction ready
  • Electrical ready – add duplex outlets to lockers at any time
  • Integrated peg board holes
  • 9.5 or 13” deep hardwood butcher-block bench on bench drawer units
  • 200 lb. capacity bench and external access drawers

The FreeStyle Personal Storage locker is a great solution for locker rooms in law enforcement facilities, on military bases, and in hospitals.

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