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Available. Accessible. Secure.

These highly secure sally port gun lockers make temporary handgun storage safe and easy. A wall mounted gun locker is also ideal for interview rooms, common areas—or any other location or situation that requires the utmost in handgun weapon security.

Spacesaver Wall Mounted Gun Locker at Wake County Detention Center
Spacesaver Wall Mounted Gun Locker range of sizes
Spacesaver flush mounted Wall Mounted Gun Locker
Spacesaver Wall Mounted Gun Locker with Digilock security
Spacesaver Wall Mounted Gun Locker, keyed entry
Spacesaver surface mounted Gun Locker

Download Spacesaver's Wall Mounted Handgun Lockers Info Sheet

Spacesaver’s Wall Mounted Handgun Lockers bring ease and security to the Sally Port, plus offers temporary security for handguns and other similarly-sized items.

Info Sheet: Wall Mounted Handgun Lockers

Wall mounted handgun lockers are designed and manufactured for use in Sally Ports and any other area that requires secured storage of handguns or other similarly sized items. This info sheet goes over standard features, specifications and door configurations.


Info Sheet: Wall Mounted Handgun Lockers

Product Details

Police and Sheriff Departments throughout North America Have Used Spacesaver’s Wall-Mounted Gun Lockers for Decades.

  • Seven models with up to 10 openings per system. Each opening measures 5-3/16 by 10-3/8 inches and 6 inches deep to provide ample storage room.
  • Individually keys for each opening, while a master key allows for quick access to all lockers.
  • Combination locks and digital locking mechanisms are also available.
  • Neoprene-lined shelves minimize noise and damage to the weapons.
  • Available as wall mount or flush mount.

Brochure: Spacesaver Product Color Chart


Cabinet Dimensions
Width 13″
Height 14-1/8″ 20-1/8″ 26-1/8″
No. of Compartments 2 3 4
Width 25″
Height 14-1/8″ 20-1/8″ 26-1/8″ 32-1/8″
No. of Compartments 4 6 8 10

  • All sizes available in surface mount or flush mount.
  • Other sizes available—Contact Spacesaver
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