Small Police Departments

Small Town Doesn’t Mean Small Time

73% of Law enforcement agencies in the United States have less than 50 sworn officers.This means a lot of departments are dealing with the same challenges as those of larger agencies, but with less funding to address major storage challenges. One major issue trumps them all—a lack of space for evidence storage and other areas with no funding or building improvements in sight.

Do These Numbers Look Familiar?

Community Population: 25,000
# of Sworn Officers: 48
# of Years in Current Building: 16
# of Years Until New Building/Renovation*: 5-10 (*Realistic: 10-15)
Amount of Available Space for New Evidence: 0 sq ft
Amount of Funding to Deal With the Problem: $0

You were trained to fight crime, not worry about how you’re going to pack more stuff into your evidence room or keep that evidence safe.
We can work with you to figure out a solution to all of the challenges your department faces, including:


There are plenty of ways to get money for improvements to your department, but it’s harder than it looks—and you’re always under pressure to keep costs down. Through contracts and other purchasing vehicles as well as a phased approach to a project, we can help create a storage plan that works for your budget now—and into the future.

Best Practices

Small departments have the same standards and accreditation goals as big ones—with less money and space to do it. Our storage systems can help you keep your best practices in check without the need for a large space—or a large budget.

Contracts & Procurement

Funding is a challenge for small departments. Take a look at how our police department procurement and contracting options can help you get the storage you need—without having to bid your project.


You were trained to fight crime—not figure out how to solve the problem of your unorganized, overflowing long-term evidence room. From assisting with optimizing your current shelving for more space to suggesting longer term options that can help you get through the time until a potential renovation or new building, we can walk you through all your options.

Safety & Security

One of the most important best practices? Making sure your high-security evidence is exactly that—secure and safe. At the same time, there’s the safety and security of another group to consider—your officers and personnel. Our line of compact, cost-effective evidence storage solutions can make sure you’re taking care of both.

Typical Configurations

With our typical configurations for temporary evidence storage lockers, small police departments can create a short-term evidence solution that works with the needs of their evidence inventory.

Morale Improvements

It isn’t farfetched—we’ve seen a direct correlation between simple storage tweaks and the enthusiasm of officers and other personnel. Getting your evidence storage in order is one piece of the puzzle—but there are other things, such as retrofitting officer gear lockers to create more space for the things that can save their lives in the field—can have an impact, too.

Want to see how we can help with your evidence room and other pressing storage needs? A complimentary space assessment is a great place to start—we can see how you’re using your space, what’s working and what’s not, and what’s important to you.