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Spacesaver art storage racks allow for safe storage and easy visibility of priceless fine art.

Versatile and secure ways to store and display your art collections, no matter your storage space constraints with Spacesaver Art Rack systems. Designed for a custom fit, each art rack can store twice as much compared to traditional storage.

Display your collections vertically with ceiling mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems, like the Hang Glider Pro® or choose a floor-mounted high-density art rack system for larger collections. Both systems offer smooth and easy operational functions and provide a more efficient way to organize your collections.

At the Daytona Museum of Art and Science, working with the curator they were able to customize multiple Spacesaver Hang Glider Pro systems to not only store more art in their available space, but create an aesthetically pleasing display. Designed for museum quality display purposes, Daytona is one of only five museums in the United States to offer visible storage of their artifacts. Secured on to each wall with a series of anchors and struts, every Hang Glider Pro system allows for the artwork to move laterally in 4 depths. Each individual rack can be easily accessed for art retrieval or display rearrangement.



Spacesaver’s Hang-Glider Pro Storage Panel System is a ceiling-suspended pullout storage panel system.


  1. Low Vibration: Spacesaver’s specialty extruded aluminum track is ceiling-suspended. This overhead track, with one seam, in conjunction with the precision frictionless roller bearing trolley system, with guide bearings, work in unison to provide smooth guidance, and subject framed artwork only to low vibration.
  2. Sway Prevention: Protection of stored material is further enhanced with both a unique anti-sway guide wheel mounted at the front base of each panel, and a floor- anchored guide mechanism at the rear. The front wheel and rear guide work in tandem to virtually eliminate screen sway and vibration when in use.
  3. Controlled Deceleration: Storage panel deceleration is controlled by Spacesaver’s unique deceleration device, which slows panel motion during the last 15″ (385 mm) of movement in either direction. The deceleration device protects materials during panel operation by reducing the likelihood of jarring stops.


Spacesaver’s Art Racks are mounted on carriages, which then travel on steel rails. By moving rows of storage from side to side, the system is able to eliminate space-wasting, idle aisles and “compress” (or compact) the stored materials into a much smaller footprint when compared with any stationary system – yet provide 100 percent access whenever needed.


  1. Systems can be installed on existing floors or planned into new construction.
  2. Wheel sections can be nested for maximum density.
  3. Roller guide-bearing wheel assemblies provide for superior racking.
  4. All wheel sections come equipped with in-rail anti-tip.

Info Sheet: Spacesaver Art Racks

With Spacesaver Art Rack systems, less space is required for collection storage, doubling your storage capacity in the same area. Hand-controlled manual systems provide smooth and easy operation for display and storage of art or other objects. Spacesaver Art Racks can be ceiling mounted by using our Hang Glider Pro® System or floor mounted using manual or powered high density mobile systems.

Brochure: Museum Storage Solutions

At Spacesaver, we fully recognize that the most significant factors influencing your choice in storage systems are: conservation, preservation and security. To that end, we’ve partnered with Delta Designs Ltd. to offer you a single source for all your storage needs. With our combined industry knowledge and expansive product offering, you won’t find a more effective provider of collection-care systems.

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