Is BIM here to stay?

Is BIM here to stay?

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Several years ago, Spacesaver jumped on the BIM bandwagon. At the time (around 2009), about 50{4af29eef6daee617c6de5a219d33b65aa7855320174b104e5b0e7e5833d9bed2} of the industry was using BIM. Since then, McGraw Hill Construction has continued to study the business impacts of BIM in order to understand how this tool will impact the design and construction process. Based on their recent study, The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets – SmartMarket Report, 2013, it appears that BIM is proving to be a worthwhile investment for most users; in fact, ¾ of the companies surveyed reported a positive ROI on their BIM program investment. Other benefits of BIM adoption:

  • Fewer errors and omissions
  • Less rework
  • Lower construction costs

This certainly explains the rapid increase in BIM users – which grew from 28{4af29eef6daee617c6de5a219d33b65aa7855320174b104e5b0e7e5833d9bed2} to 71{4af29eef6daee617c6de5a219d33b65aa7855320174b104e5b0e7e5833d9bed2} of the industry between 2007 and 2012, and based on projections (see illustration), these numbers will continue to increase.

BIM implementation levels by country

It seems that the need to coordinate all the trades early on in the design process is the driving factor behind most BIM adoption. Not only does this make sense from a planning and budgeting standpoint (if everyone is on the same page, it will assist in quick and collaborative decision making throughout the project), but it closely aligns with where LEED v4 is going with the addition of an integrative design credit category – meaning that getting all players around the table early on the in design process will now count towards a building’s LEED Certification.

So, it seems that BIM is here to stay and is gaining even more popularity within the industry.  For architects and designers working with Revit®, this is where storage gets solved, so why not get notified when we offer more BIM Objects? In addition to the BIM Objects, we offer you full descriptions and specs that make it simple to specify and integrate innovative storage solutions in your designs.

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