Heavy-Duty Compact Solutions

The last few years have seen several key trends reshape space planning within the manufacturing market and the storage solutions offered within its various segments.

  • E-commerce continues to capture a larger percentage of retail sales. These companies require about 30% more industrial space than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.
  • Supply chain challenges have driven manufacturers to increase stockpiles to reduce interruptions.
  • Over 60% of companies are reshoring or nearshoring production back to the U.S.
  • 1/3 of all industrial building inventory predates 1972.
manufacturing moveable pallet racking shelves
industrial shelving storage racking
manufacturing industrial heavy-duty shelving
climate controlled manufacturing shelving system
manufacturing mobile racking system

All this boils down to one simple element: space. While a few feet of wasted space might not seem like much of a problem, those feet really add up across an entire facility. Employing the right industrial racking and storage can make all the difference for your operation. To ensure that our clients can make the best use of available space, Spacesaver offers expert consulting services for industrial storage and shelving. Our systems are customized to fit the current needs within your facility, while providing room to grow. Because the best space is one that plans for today and the future.

Why Spacesaver?

Spacesaver and our teams of local experts have been working with industrial partners for decades, continually expanding our ability to create manufacturing storage solutions that maintain safe environments, meet reliability standards, withstand extreme temperatures, and more, all while keeping teams working efficiently and effectively. Designed and manufactured in the USA, we’re ready to help create industrial racking and storage for your facility.

Manufacturing Storage Solutions from Spacesaver

industrial mobile racking storage system
High-Density Mobile Storage

High-Density Mobile Storage Systems allow you to optimize your footprint and increase your capacity for more storage and/or workspace within the same square footage.

manufacturing paint supply compact racking system
Standard high-density mobile storage

Make space for what matters. Dramatically reduce retrieval time with high-density.

heavy-duty manufacturing pallet racking

Heavy-duty mobile racking is ideal for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, cold storage facilities, and any location that requires a compact storage solution for heavy items. Spacesaver has multiple options for mobile industrial shelving – contact us to determine which is best for your space.

cantilever pallet racking cold storage
Cantilever Pallet Rack on ActivRAC®

Don’t be left out in the cold. See how Spacesaver Industrial Cold Storage makes the difference.

low-profile industrial compact shelving system
Low-Profile Moving Shelving Systems

Easy to reconfigure, expand, and relocate, Spacesaver’s Wheelhouse® systems combine strength and adaptability.

widespan manufacturing shelving
Widespan Shelving

Spacesaver’s RaptorRAC® widespan shelving provides the perfect platform for storing a variety of heavy and bulky items. Designed to work in static applications as well as seamlessly integrate with Spacesaver’s wide range of industry-leading mobile systems.

industrial heavy-duty 4-post shelving
Steel 4-Post & Case-Type Shelving

Spacesaver’s reconfigurable steel 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving Systems aren’t just shelving. These are entire systems customized to boost efficiency, improve security and accountability, and save space.

manufacturing shift work lockers
Day Use Lockers

Industrial storage lockers don’t have to look tired. Keep employee belongings safe and secure with customized solutions.