Designed with Readiness in Mind

Spacesaver has a strong understanding of military storage needs – in the armory, long-term storage facilities, or in deployment. We have been developing products in partnership with the military for decades; products that help to quickly get stored items in transport to theater.

In-Garrison & Pre-Positioning

Spacesaver’s lineup of in-garrison storage solutions helps to increase the capacity of your storage space, simplify inventory counts, and ensure accountability of gear and personal belongings. We understand your storage needs and how to ensure readiness across the base. From maintenance and repair operations to the armory to health facilities, our storage solutions can optimize every inch of the base.

military maneuvering metal rapid readiness box


When the time comes for action, your teams must be confident their gear will be ready and available. Spacesaver’s specialized shipping containers allow for secure and rapid deployment of support materials of all shapes and sizes, ensuring they are maneuvered from your base to the battlefield. These deployable solutions provide ample storage for transporting weapons zeroed and optics and other supporting gear attached, accounted for, and ready for use.

spaceaver military mtf medical supply storage

Defense Health Solutions

For service members and civilians on military installations, almost everything needed to carry out daily activities can be found on-site, including access to medical care. From base pharmacies to hospitals and clinics on land and at sea, Spacesaver’s efficient healthcare storage solutions help conserve valuable space to secure the medicine and supplies needed to keep soldiers – and those that support them – healthy and ready for action.

military acquisition and procurement

Acquisition & Procurement

Navigating the rules and processes for purchasing equipment and goods in the military can feel a bit overwhelming. At Spacesaver, we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you to get the supplies you need with less hassle. Spacesaver understands that each base is comprised of unique units that employ various tools to execute their mission. Our extensive network of local distributors – backed by the strength of our engineering and manufacturing teams – have the knowledge and procurement vehicles to identify and secure the right solutions for all your base’s needs.

next gen weapon storage rack system

Next Generation Squad Weapons

In the ever-evolving world of military technology, innovation takes precedence. The US Military, which aims to replace the M4 and M249 weapons systems, awarded SIG Sauer the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) contract to develop the M7 rifle and M250 machine gun in 2022. This program stands to be the most significant small arms contract issued by the US military in the past 65 years, with an expected issuance of 400,000 weapons by 2032.

secure equipment prevent flips

Preventing FLIPL’s

Keeping track of government property issued to thousands of soldiers can be a challenge, especially when many of those soldiers have to store their gear at home. That was the case for the North Carolina National Guard. With no central storage space for large mobility bags and other gear, soldiers had to take items home or store them in their vehicles, which led to missing gear and the resulting paperwork and lost time.