Athletic Equipment Storage

A successful season may end on the playing field, but it begins with the way you care for your equipment and apparel in your equipment and athletic rooms. From K-12 to collegiate to professional, we’ve designed sports equipment storage solutions for your local elementary school and some of the most renowned athletic programs in the country. Whether you’re working with a small storage closet or a state-of-the-art athletic facility, we offer the best solutions to keep your gear protected, organized, accessible, and representing your program the way it deserves.

K-12 Gyms to Sports Fields

Collegiate Athletics & Rec Leagues

Professional Team Facilities, Training, & Retail

Winning Environments for Football Equipment Rooms

spacesaver school athletic equipment storage solutions

K-12 Athletics

Designed for Growing Athletic Participants

Had enough of cramped storage closets and disorganized cages filled with unmarked boxes, assorted team uniforms, and scattered physical education equipment? Our K-12 equipment storage solutions are designed to keep your gear and uniforms accessible and in top condition, saving you money and time in the long run. You invest a lot of time and resources in the success of your athletics programs; it only makes sense to choose equipment storage that’s efficient, configurable, and durable enough to offer a return on that investment and serve students for years to come.

collegiate athletic equipment rooms

Collegiate Athletics

High-Quality Storage for Higher Education Athletes

Today's equipment rooms are much more than glorified storage spaces for collegiate athletics programs. They support activities such as repairing gear to ensuring maximum player safety, cleaning uniforms, to securing the commitment of recruits by showcasing the program's commitment. The equipment room stands as a shining reflection of the program's success. Don’t let ineffective storage prevent you from serving your program and student-athletes in the best and most efficient manner possible. Let our knowledgeable experts help you design a solution that’s as impressive as it is functional, whether you’re storing equipment for one team or an entire athletic program.

winning equipment room presentations

Winning Equipment Rooms

Let our team of athletic storage experts show you how to identify challenges within your space and demonstrate storage solutions you can utilize to create and maintain a winning environment.
professional hockey equipment storage

Professional Sports

Functionality At The Highest Level

In addition to showcasing team strength and pride, your organization’s equipment room should support the goals of the program. We’ve helped dozens of professional teams organize their available space to support their athletes and fan base, no matter what the size. From uniforms and practice gear to promotional apparel and medical supplies, we make it easy to store, organize, secure, and retrieve equipment so that you can focus on winning championships.

football athletic equipment room storage

Football Equipment Rooms

Supporting Greatness on the Gridiron

Spacesaver knows football is a game of inches both on and off the field. Our storage experts set a precise line to gain when assessing your space and providing the best game plan for your facility. From helmet and shoulder pad storage to functional workspace for gear and uniform care, we’ll design a comprehensive solutions package that ensures your team’s safety, competitiveness, and readiness to excel in the trenches.

Aligning Your Perfect Sports Storage Configuration


From apparel to helmets, shoes, shoulder pads, bats, and everything in between – we have a configuration for whatever equipment that needs storing.

hockey equipment storage configurations ideas
Ice Hockey

Sports storage solutions must be as unique as the equipment they house. In the case of ice hockey storage, they must also feature a high capacity for storing gear. Our widespan shelving is created for storing objects both large and heavy, much like the extensive amount of equipment required for players to stay safe and at the top of their game on the ice.

baseball equipment storage configurations ideas

Creating an effective baseball equipment storage area takes a great deal of skill and coordination. Not only do equipment managers need to store uniforms and apparel common to most sports teams, but they also need to store odd-sized items that are unique to baseball – gloves, catcher's gear, bats, balls, and more.

basketball equipment storage configurations ideas

While it may seem like a minimalist sport to equip players for, basketball teams of all levels require a wide array of gear to support their success. From shoes of all sizes to braces and basketballs, equipment managers trust Spacesaver’s storage systems to help them keep their players on the court.

tennis equipment storage configurations ideas

Tennis is a game of back-and-forth action resulting in one player landing a precision shot past the other. Equipment managers know that the action should remain on the court, which is why they use Spacesaver’s versatile solutions in their storage rooms so that their athletes can get what they need and back to racking up wins.

soccor equipment storage configurations ideas

Cleats, shin guards, socks, balls, and everything in between, a soccer program requires a lot of gear to keep their players performing at the highest level. Spacesaver’s storage experts have the expertise to ensure you are meeting your program’s goals, both on the pitch and in the storage room.

lacrosse equipment storage configurations ideas

A sport growing in popularity with players and fans alike, schools and athletes of all levels are adding lacrosse to their athletic offerings. Our versatile storage solutions can be configured to accommodate the current and future state of this thriving contest.

football equipment storage configurations ideas

Keeping a football team safe and successful requires a massive amount of equipment. Luckily, our systems are designed to tackle storage needs of all sizes and can help keep your players protected, on the field, and looking good!

golf equipment storage configurations ideas

Golf bags are bulky and heavy, yet they need to be kept organized, secured, and easily accessed for players to get in and out of the storage area. From a few bags to a few hundred, our experts are ready to put your organization on course with our versatile storage solutions.